Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Anna and Lovisa bought from KnitPicks!

I don't think the girls would mind if I post their yarn here, and as there were several of their yarns i would have liked also, I decided to show them to you. At least now I know what to order the next time, although as I'm going to be unemployed in the spring, I don't really know when that order will be. Not that I need more yarn, you know :) Anyway, these are Anna's yarns:

Alpaca Cloud in colourway Cha Cha (I want this sooooo bad!)

Gloss Lace, colourway Fiesta (I want this one too)

Gloss sock, colourway Burgundy

Palette, colourway Bark

Palette, colourway Bison (I want these too)

Palette, colourway Clover (I have these too)

Palette, colourway cream (I ordered these too)

Palette, colourway Currant (I have these too)

Palette, colourway Eggplant (I want!)

Palette, colourway Forest Heather (I have these too)

Palette, colourway Ivy (These are my favourite ones!)

Palette, colourway Lantana (I want this!)

Palette, colourway Mulberry (I want these too!)

Palette, colourway Orange

Palette, colourway Tumeric

Shadow Kettle Dyed, colourway Clementine (I want these!)

Telemark, colourway Chestnut

Telemark, colourway Deep Navy

Telemark, colourway Northern Green

Telemark, colourway Poppy

Telemark, colourway Tangelo

And this is what Lovisa bought:

Palette, colourway Hazelnut (I want this!)

Palette, colourway Orange

Telemark, colourway Caution (I want these too!)

So you can guess how big those boxes of yarn were! Anna also ordered a ball-winder, but it didn't really take up any space. The rest was just yarn, yarn yarn!

I promised Nalamienea when she sent the yarn to us that I would take a photo of me in the bath, covered with all of our KnitPick's yarn. Unfortunately Anna took home her first shipment of yarn this Saturday, so when the next box arrived yesterday, I didn't really have enough to cover myself. But never you fear: I just cheated and poured all of my stash yarn into the tub with me. I have A LOT of yarn!

It has been about -20 Centigrades here for the past few days, so I really didn't feel like taking all of my clothes off when I crept into the empty bath tub. It isn't -20 degrees inside, but it's still too cold to sit in the cold tub naked. Therefore, I have clothes on in the photo :)

I subscribe to a swedish knitting magazine, Kreativ Stickning (It means Creative Knitting). It is filled with patterns, and almost nothing else, and some of the numbers have been really good. I got a new issue today, and I have flipped through it this afternoon. There are four issues every year, one with patterns for the whole family, one for babies and children, one for men and women, and one for only women. Needless to say, I'm not that interested in the baby-issue (I gave my issue to Anna), and I have decided to not keep subscribing to this one next year. I'll just buy the issues separately that interest me instead.

Anyhow, there was actually one pattern in this latest issue (with patterns for men and women) that I think I'm going to knit. It's a knitted dress with cables on the upper part, and actually looks kind of sweet. I just took a photo of the magazine page, so you'll have to excuse the glare from the flash. I think you get the idea anyhow, right?

And I finally have a photo of me wearing the Echo Flower! I of course forgot to take photos at the party, but when my sister was here yesterday to help me with the bath tub photos, she took one of the shawl as well. I really like it, and I like it even better as I discovered yesterday that it can be worn around the neck as a scarf without problems as well. I think I will use this one a lot!

Tonight I'm going to work some more on the Percy shawl. I've made 14 repeats of chart A, out of 16 in total, so I hope to start on chart B (which has patterning on both sides: How the hell do you do an SSP (slip-slip-PURL)?!) tomorrow. I don't think I'll finish this one in February, but perhaps I can make three in March instead, to make up for that!

/ Jenny


cindy said...

Hi Jenny,
Do you really need yarn to buy it? LOL
About the SSP, Do you have the Vogue Ultimate knitting book? It's on page 43, single left-slanting decrease: version C. I ran upon that one not to long ago and wondered the same thing. Patterns don't use it very much. If you don't have the book, write me and I will give you the instructions.
Happy knitting, Cindy

Leander Mutsaers said...

That is quite some yarn, I dont even have enough together to cover me if i add the fibre together with the yarn.

I love the new background of your blog Jenn, really you this way!

Sarah Cameron said...

LOLOL I love the yarn in the tub picture!! It's perfect!

And I know how you feel about "I want this.. I want this..." LOL I was saying that the whole time!

Kate said...

The yarn in the tub pic is so cute! Made me laugh...

Love the shawl! Sooo beautfiul!

goldenbird said...

So much good stuff in your post! Love that yarn, especially the bright colors. It's so shiny! Love the picture of you in the tub. Wow, you do have lots of stash yarn. Your Echo Flower shawl is beautiful.