Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping week

Ok, today I'll show you all the patterns I bought yesterday! But first, I'm going to show you a find I made today. Every year in February, Sweden has a huge book sale in all the book stores. If you're reading thrillers or classics (at least Swedish ones), you can usually find something. We've found very nice prints of Tolkien, and most of our swedish classics were bought at the sale a cople of years ago. This year I'm trying to save money, so I hadn't planned to buy anything special. But my sister dragged me with her to the stores today, and I fuond this amazing book:

The titel is in Swedish, and says something like The Art of Swedish Crafts. It's simply gorgeous, and it talks about lots of differnt crafts, from wood-carving, to knitting to metal-arts. I'm so pleased, and it cost me less than $10!

Ok, now on to the pattern-bonanza I had yesterday :) I bought the following patterns:

1) Knitting Goddess

2) Little birds cardigan

3) Paper Dolls sweater

4) Eisblumen gloves

5) Tallula's heart mittens

6) Cat socks (to match my cat mittens I'm currently working on :)

7) Brandywine shawl

8) Princess of Maya shawl

9) Scheherazade stole

10) Shetland Garden Faroese shawl

All photos are borrowed from Ravelry. I don't know when I'll have time to knit all of my patterns, but I bet I'll be glad to have them when I get unemployed and can't splurge like this :)

I'll also show you my projects I've worked on since yesterday. I'll start with my Glynis socks, aka the Amazing Pooling Experience...

I like them even though the yarn is pooling a lot, and I'm almost done with the heel. I think I'll work some more on them tonight, as well as the Percy shawl (I really want to finish that one soon!).

I'm also working on the Cat mittens, and I've finished the first cuff. Kate over at Lazy Kate Creates is making a pair of GORGEOUS colourwork mittens, and I got so inspired by her work that I had to start a pair too. I just LOVE making mittens and gloves, they are such fast projects!

Oh, and I have a guilty pleasure to tell you about too. The series The Vampire Diaries have started to air on swedish television, and I can't help to actually kind of like this show! I know it's sort of Beverly Hills 902 10 with vampires, but it's actually sort of captivating. I feel like such an emo to like this one, but I do it anyway :)

Now I'm going to re-heat yesterday's dinner, and then get on with all my knitting projects. Have a nice weekend evereybody!

/ Jenny


Kate said...

Awwww.... Thanks for the shout out, Jenny! Knitting colorwork is addicting, huh? I'm always wanting to knit one more row! I'm excited to see your progress on the mittens!

Have a great weekend!

goldenbird said...

The patterns you bought are gorgeous! Wow, that paper doll sweater is incredible. I'm so impressed because we've been knitting the same length of time and I don't think I could do any of those patterns (except maybe a shawl).

I like the Vampire Diaries, too. But I like True Blood even better. Do you have access to that? It's definitely for adults and I was turned off by the violence at first, but soon got hooked.

Kate said...

You got some good patterns there! The cat socks are so cool, I hadn't seen those before. Pawprints!!

Allison said...

I'll be checking out Ravelry for these beautiful patterns, especially the bird cardigan!

Catherine said...

I was trying to find a way to contact you rather than commenting on a 3 year old post, but that obviously wasn't working for me lol. I LOVE the knitted goddess pattern! I wanted to talk with you about it. Is there a way for me to contact you? Thanks :)

Jenny said...

Hi Catherine! You can always PM me on Ravelry, I'm jench24 there. But I have to tell you that I still haven't knit the Knitted Goddess pattern, it's still languishing deep down in my queue...