Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Finished objects and mail!

I'll start today by telling you that I have another FO for you all! I finished my second pair of fingerless gloves, that I made from the Chili Gredelin Madame yarn that was left over from the Aeolian shawl. They are more or less just plain stockinette, although I added a hole-row when I switched from ribbing to stockinette at the wrist. I doubt you can see it in the photo though :)

I like them a lot, they are so incredibly soft! I can definitely see myself wearing the complete set a lot in the future. I'll try to get a photo of the set together soon too :)

I also got a package in the mail today: Another delivery from Chili Gredelin! I just love her yarns, and as Thomas got to buy himself a pretty expensive, new computer screen this month, I was allowwed to make one yarn purchase too ;). I orderd three skeins in this lovely green colourway called Forest Fairy.

Kate asked me in the comments efter the last post if I had switched favourite colour from pink to green? Actually, green has sort of always been my favourite colour, as I look kinda good in it with my dark hair and brown eyes (yes, not all swedes have blonde hair and blue eyes :), and pink is something I've sort of picked up in the past few years. But I agree, green is sort of starting to take over my knitting recently...

I think I'll leave you with this, I want to get some knitting done on my new Percy shawl!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

I think all my major projects so far have been in green. lol Green has always been my favorite colour, and since all my projects have been pretty much with gifted skeins of yarn, they've all been in my favorite colour! I think I might be getting tired of it soon though. hehe

BTW - did you get my email?

Kate said...

I love the mitts! So cute- I bet the set is stunning! I love that new yarn! Green, green green! What a pretty color!

goldenbird said...

Those mitts are cutie. I love your new Forest Fairy yarn. Is it wool or something else? Do you know what you will make with it? Green is one of my favorite colors, too. And pink.

cindy said...

I love this yarn, It has such shine. What is the fiber? Great job on the mitts.

Virginia said...

Love the mitts!

And the forest fairy is beautiful. What a great color.