Sunday, February 12, 2012

New photos!

I've finally gotten round to taking some new photos today, so now I present to you: The Ramona mittens:

They're double-knitted in KnitPicks Palette yarn (100 % wool, fingering weight) in colourways Cream and Teal (I think you can guess which is which), and I really really like them! They are a bit big, but that's ok, it just means I can get another pair on underneath :)

I also took a new photo of the Silken Scabbard sweater, but that one is taken inside this evening, after sunset. So it's a bit darker, and looks a bit yellow, which it absolutely isn't. Also, the red lines are lifelines (I put them in so I can try the sweater on, as the needle cable is too tight for me otherwise), so ignore those.

I'm just about where the waist is narrowest, so it's pretty straight forward knitting right now, so perfect for work. And I love making sweaters in a bit heavier yarn (this is DK), as it REALLY eats into my stash. And as we're moving in about a month and a half, that is a very good thing!

Other than that, not much has happened these past few days. Thomas had his birthday on Friday, so yesterday a couple of our friends came here for birthday cake, pizza and board games. It was a really nice afternoon/evening, even though Klara won both games we played (I'm not a sore looser, no no!)!

Maybe I've gotten to the sleeves on the sweater when I see you next?

/ Jenny

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Still Alive

(Did you get the Portal reference?)

Yes, I'm still breathing. I'm sorry I have neglected you all! As usual, I don't have any real excuse, other than being lazy. I've been doing quite a lot of knnitting these past two weeks, but I've only mnaged to finsih the Ramona mittens. I haven't gotten around to taking a photo of them both together, so you'll have to do with the old photos again. I'm at work right now (it's a slow day!), so I can't get any new ones right now either. But I LOVE the mittens, and as we've had temperatures way below freezing these past few weeks, they have come in handy too.

Other than that I've mostly knit on the Silken Scabbard sweater, I'm a bit below the arm holes now and knitting my way towards the waist. So far it's looking really good, and I love working with this yarn! It's Rowan Silk Wool, which is a discontinued yarn unfortunately, and right now it looks like I have plenty of it! It's incredibly soft, but still very shiny from the silk, so I'm betting this sweater will look good :)

Yesterday I managed to break my hand bag! I ordered it with my very first KnitPicks order I think, and it has been perfect for me!

It held my work shoes (as I go to different places quite often, I can't leave them at work), my iPad, my travelling pharmacy (which isn't too big, but not too small either. Remember my stomach?), and at least two knitting projects, as well as wallet, phone and miscellaneous small stuff. Just perfect! So I was very sad yesterday when one of the handles broke in two. As soon as I got home I got on etsy to see if I couldn't find something else to replace it with (as KnitPicks no longer carry this bag. Otherwise I would have just ordered a new one immediately!), and finally settled on this one:

It's from the shop Burlapdesign, and I really, really like it! I just hope it gets here soon! And I hope it's big enough, when I went to fetch my measuring tape to measure the KnitPicks bag (so I would know what size bag I was looking for, I'm still not a natural when it comes to thinking in inches as opposed to centimeters), it turns out I have replaced it somewhere. I seem to remember playing with it with Hobbe a couple of months back, and I'm not sure I've seen it since. I think I'll just have to buy a new one! I ended up measuring the bag with a ruler and then going online to translate it into inches...

Tomorrow Thomas has his birthday, so we're going to celebrate a bit this weekend by making a cake and maybe playing a bit of board games as well. I'll try not to be away as long again!

/ Jenny