About me

Hi! My name is Jenny, I'm 34 years old and I live in Mantorp, Sweden with my husband Thomas, our daughter Ella who was born in March 2014, and our male Devon Rex cats Hobbe and Toki. 





I learned how to knit around Christmas 2007, when my parents gave me Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book. I love the book, and learned a lot from it. I knitted my first cardigan (that turned out a shrug) that spring, and knitted a sweater for our first cat Gizmo (he was a Devon Rex as well, so he benefited from a sweater during our fall outings). Then in September 2008 Gizmo died rather suddenly, and my world sort of collapsed. My knitting had been very intimately connected to him, as he usually lay on my lap while I knitted, so for about 6 months I was unable to knit at all due to all the crying.


Then in the spring 2009 I finally picked up my needles again, because I knew that I loved it even though it was hard at first. I started by knitting lots and lots of swatches out of a cheap acrylic stash yarn, just to practice different stitches and methods. About the same time as I started this blog, I started knitting my first lace shawl, and now I'm obsessed! 

This blog is intended to be about my knitting progress. It will also probably be about the cats and our 
daily lives as well :)


Diane said...

Wow! Your knitting is amazing! I'm so sorry about your kitty, but I'm very glad to hear you got another one. I have two Devon Rexes (boy and girl) who also sit in my lap when I knit. They generally ignore the yarn but occasionally bite my needles in a threatening manner if they get poked too many times. ;-)

Lady Crochet said...

Dear Jenny,

I'm crazy about crochet and have just found your nice blog and nicest works. I would like to ask you for some help: I want to buy the two VIRKA Amigurumi books and the book called Virkligheten. Although I don't understand Swedish I love the pictures and works that are shown in these books. Would you please tell me how can I buy them on-line through any swedish or international bookshop?. I live in Spain and can't find them here.:-(. thanks for your help!!!