Monday, March 27, 2017

Sock progress

Hello all!
I really feel like I haven't really done much at all since last time I wrote, life is more or less trucking on in our daily routine. Me and Thomas are working, and Ella is at preschool, and in the evenings we cook, clean and hang out with Ella. Ella turned three years old on March 5th, so on the Saturday before that our families came to visit for a party. Ella got properly spoiled, with lots and lots of presents, and I had baked a cake that was more tasty than pretty :)
Thomas has had a lot of activities during the weekends lately too, so I haven't really gotten a lot of knitting done either. However, the Tiger socks that I made for my mother are done, and she got them this weekend.

They are made with Hjertegarn Safari sock yarn, and are just plain vanilla socks with a regular heel flap heel. She has worn out her last pair of socks and really needed a new pair, and she put them on as soon as she got them.
I also got the first shipment in the Wollmeise yarn club that Thomas gave me for Christmas (yes, he really is the best husband!), and I really, really love it. The colourway is called 88 Ra (for Radium), and it is very pretty with greys and greens. The theme was Marie Curie, and the pattern is a very pretty shawl based on Bohr's model of the atom. So much science-y fun!

Last weekend me and Ella went to visit my parents in BorĂ¥s (Ella loves to go visit her grandparents and usually don't want to go home), and we went shopping a little bit on Saturday with my sister and niece. I got some Sandnes Mini Alpakka yarn that I will eventually turn into an Enchanted Mesa sweater. I don't knit a lot of Stephen West patterns, as most of them are a bit too far out there for me, but when I saw this project of that pattern I was completely hooked. I bought six different red/purple colourways that I will stripe, with a light beige to match, and I want to cast on NOW! But I need to finish some other stuff first. As there are six colours, I'll just direct you to my Ravelry stash page to see for yourselves :)
The project that has gotten the most love in the past couple of weeks is the Farmer McGregor socks, and I actually got to finish them on Saturday! I used the most boring sock blank in history, it's just green, and almost not even variegated, but the socks turned out very pretty. I think I have decided to keep them for myself.

I'm also knitting a lot on the Texture in colors cardigan I'm making for Ella, and this is my current work knitting, as I've just been slugging along on the stockinette body. I decided to add a pair of pockets, as Ella has just found out the practicality of pockets, so I just put in some waste yarn and I'll make them as afterthought pockets. I just picked up all of the stitches for the buttonband/collar/bottom (and broke a needle in the process!), and then there are just the sleeves left!

I actually picked up the Fiori de Sole shawl one of these past weekends, and I now only have a half repeat of chart E left before I move on to the next session. None of the following sections will be repeated more than once though, so once I start on chart F it will feel like it's almost done.
The Tiber Cardigan, the Winchester Plaid mittens, the Evenstar shawl and Thomas' Tiberius socks have not been touched at all. Once I finish the Farmer McGregor socks and Ellas's cardigan, I think I'll try and focus on Thomas' socks and the Tiber cardigan, as I would really like that one finished while it's still cold enough to wear it. Or I'll just have to wait for Autumn to wear it.
See you soon!
/ Jenny