Sunday, April 08, 2012

We've moved!

After living in complete chaos among moving boxes for almost a month we're finally in the house! We moved in officially last Saturday, and this weekend we're painting the livingroom walls. That means that all the livingroom furniture is currently sitting in the kitchen, and we still have tons of stuff to unpack in the rest of the house as well. I have no idea where my camera is, so you won't get to see any new photos. But I'll start taking some once we're more settled. Suffice it to say that I love our new house!

Anyway, as we've had so much to do, I haven't gotten any knitting done worh speaking of (although I started a new Knit and Knag shawl the other week, Urdr - and as I'm on the iPad I can't link it so you'll have to look it up on Ravelry yourselves) in Drops Garnstudio Lace yarn. More about that one when I find the camera!

Ok, now you know I'm still alive. I think I'll go and do some more unpacking in my new crafts room :)


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