Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Since it's Easter this weekend, we get both Friday and Monday off, giving us a lovely, long weekend. I've spent most of it knitting and hanging out with Thomas, which has been very nice. Yesterday I went into Linköping to feed my sister's cat Daisy (my sister has been away for the weekend), and as the weather was very nice I put the harness on her and we sat outside in the sun together for almost an hour.

It was very nice, and I think we both enjoyed it equally. I knit a little bit in the sun too! I actually cast on for a new pair of self striping socks the other day, as I want a pair for the April KAL as well. I chose the Schoppel-Wolle Admiral Bambus Plus yarn that I dyed myself the other weekend, as I was very curious to see if I had succeeded in making it stripe. And I did!

The stripes are turning out very nice, but I have to say that the yarn isn't very nice to work with. It fulfils all the bad preconceived notions I have about bamboo yarns, in that it is very stiff to work with, not very soft, and it seems to shed a little bit too. If I ever dye yarn again I'm going to have to find a nicer base! But the socks are turning out ok. I'm knitting the Jeck pattern, just to keep me interested, and it's going very fast.

I've also worked a lot on the Glacier gloves, and I'm on the hand part of the first glove.

This is turning out so nice! I love the yarn (MarigoldJen), and the colour is just my kind of green. I'll probably not get to wear them much this season, as the snow is actually beginning to disappear (knock on wood!), but they will keep until next winter.

On Friday evening we went to our friends' house for afternoon tea and hanging out, and it was so much fun! I haven't seen Jenny since October, and we got to meet her new boyfriend as well (who was very nice). Micke and Klara bought their house just a couple of months ago, so we hadn't seen that either. It is such a nice and cosy house, and they had done a lot to the place as well. They are having a baby in about a month, and I'm thinking of knitting it a cocoon. Klara had seen a photo of one like this for sale somewhere, and really wanted one. It takes almost no yarn, since it's sized for a baby, so I think I can find some suitable left-overs in my stash.

Yesterday evening also saw the return of Doctor Who, and me, Thomas and his brother spent the night eating very good food that Thomas made, and watched the newest episode. I think I'll enjoy the new companion! Matt Smith hasn't been my favourite Doctor by far (I'm David Tennant all the way), so I think I won't be too sad when they change him out (which I guess will be at the end of this season). I'm actually kind of curious about who will be the next Doctor!

And tonight is the season premier of Game of Thrones too! Lots of TV this weekend! But that means lots of knitting time too, which is perfectly fine for me :) But first, I'm going to go outside and sit in the sun for a while. I think I'll bring my socks!

/ Jenny

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Four-day weekend coming up!

And I have a FO for you! Tonight I finished my Medusa Cascade socks, and I'm very glad to get them off my needles. 

The pattern was pretty mindless, so I've made most of them at work during my breaks. And the yarn in itself is very nice, but as I've told you I found the colours dull and boring. I'm very glad that my mother-in-law seemed to really like them, so I'm going to give them to her when I see her next. I need to wash them first though, to make certain that the colours won't bleed. I don't think that will be a problem, as my Panda Feet yarn (which is also from Sheepy Time Knits) didn't shed any dye at all.

I also got my March shipment in the Knitting Goddess yarn club (The 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon club), and I really really LOVE it!

It's a really pretty purple, and the inspiration this time comes from the film Dark Shadows (where Johnny Depp plays a vampire). The pattern, Collinwood, is really pretty too, although you'll have to do without a photo as there isn't one yet on the pattern page. I might try these out some time in the future, but for now I'll finish my Gördes socks first. And then I think I want to knit a pair of Cookie A socks, or possibly a pair of Claire Ellen.

The projects that will get most love this long weekend (we get Friday and Monday off for Easter) will probably be the Glacier gloves and the Gördes socks. I've knit a bit on the Mandala II shawl this past week, but it is very scrunched up on a short needle right now so it doesn't show it. As I have a lot of the yarn (Madelinetosh Tosh Lace), I'm making it a little bit bigger, so I'm adding a second repeat of chart 2. It's looking good so far! I've really enjoyed working some lace again, so maybe this will get a bit of love too.

I also really, really want to work on my Parcel sweater, but that will probably be the project that gets the least amount of progress. I need to finish the gloves for the MarigoldJen KAL first, and I really want to wear the Gördes socks as they are really pretty!

Tomorrow me and Thomas are going to visit our friends Klara and Micke, and see their new house. They are having a baby in April, so I think Klara will be pretty big right now! And other than that we have absolutely no plans for the entire weekend, and it feels really good to just get to be home and relax. I'm hoping for some sunny weather so we can maybe get some sun on our wintry pale faces too :)

Happy Easter!

/ Jenny

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More club yarn and a HO

Yesterday I finished the first of my Medusa Cascade socks, and I have to say I'm less than impressed. I love the yarn, it is a perfect sock yarn, but the colours are just not me. I don't know what it is I don't like, but I think the yarn is dark and sad, and the colours don't work with each other. Oh well, I guess that's a risk you're taking when you're in yarn clubs.

Yesterday my mother-in-law and two of my brothers-in-law came here to celebrate my other brother-in-law on his birthday, and I asked my mother-in-law if she wanted them, and it turns out she really likes the colours! So at least they will be going to a happy home now and be appreciated. If I can manage to finish the second one this week, they will fit in the March Pop Culture Madness KAL too!

And speaking of yarn clubs. I got my last shipment of the Sheepy Time Knits Time Traveler yarn club yesterday too. The yarn is Sheepy Feet (75 % superwash merino/25 % nylon, 424 m/100 g), and the colourway is called Soufflé Girl.

Once again, I really really like the yarn, but I'm less impressed by the colours. I'm not a huge red fan, so maybe that's why, but I just think this skein is a little bit boring. And since this is the second skein from that club that I'm not all that fond of, I think I'm actually going to skip the next round of the club. The colours will be available to all of the public later on anyway, and that way I can just get the colours I like (says captain obvious...).

Yesterday I also got another skein in the mail, and this one I LOVE! It's from Trailing Clouds (Thank you Stockinette Zombies for the enabling!), and the yarn is BFL/Nylon sock yarn, in the colourway Mind The Gap.

I managed to snag one of these skeins in the update last weekend, which was kind of ninja of me, and I really really love it. It has all of the colours of the London Underground lines, and it is just so cool! The shop seems to be updated at least once a week, so it shouldn't be too impossible to get one.

Next week I'm waiting on the last shipment in the Mad Color Fiber Arts Mad Geek Tour club yarn, and I think that The Knitting Goddess has sent the March shipment of the 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon sock club as well, so that should also be here shortly. Mad Color Fiber Arts will renew her club sign ups for the coming three months soon, and I still can't decide whether I want the Doctor Who theme or the Battlestar Gallactica theme. But hey, now that I won't renew the Sheepy Time Knits club, maybe I could join both? Will someone talk me out of this idea please...?

I have been working a little bit on the Gördes socks this week too, but not very much. They are really taking me forever, as there are so many cables! But I have almost finished the first chart, so I'm making progress.

The cable charts really threw me off at first, as Hunter uses symbols that I wasn't used to, but once I get going it's going pretty well. I really like them, and I love the yarn (Shibui Knits)! I think they will take a fairly long time to finish though, as I'm not really focusing on them too much. I feel like I haven't knit too much this week at all, I've just been so tired after work. But I'll get some done this weekend, and next week is a short week as we have Friday off for Easter :)

And finally, as promised, a photo of the blocked Emelie cardigan:

I really, really like it, and this was the club yarn from Sheepy Time Knits that I actually love. It is super soft, and it fits me pretty darned well!

/ Jenny

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I did it!

I finished my Emelie cardigan! Well in time for the March KAL it was knit for too! I finished it last night, and the photo is of the unblocked cardigan. 

It's blocking right now upstairs, but I am not blocking it very hard. I only wanted the ribbing to stretch and the lace to be completely visible, and you'll get blocked photos this weekend. I am very happy with the cardigan, and the yarn (Sheepy Time Knits Panda Feet) was super soft to work with. It worked out very well to knit the main body in the two skeins that were in the lighter shade, and the ribbing and button bands in the darker shaded skein. This coming weekend is my brother-in-law's birthday, and we're going out for dinner, and I'm really looking forward to wearing my new cardigan!

I've also been working a little bit on my Medusa Cascade socks (The pattern is really called Stansfield 14), and I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed in the colour. It is a lot darker than what I had thought, and I'm not all that fond of the combination with the very short colour bursts. I'll finish the socks, and the yarn in itself is really nice and springy, but they will not be favourites of mine.

Now that the cardigan is finished, I think I'll work a bit on my Gördes socks. They have been neglected ever since they were started, and I really enjoy them. I need to work a bit on the Glacier gloves too, as they are for the Marigold Jen KAL that ends on the 31st of April.

Now I'll go find the Gördes socks though, and give them a little love!

/ Jenny

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I apparently have no immune system left...

Last week I had to stay at home for four days due to a very nasty cold. Then I worked on Friday, had a lazy weekend, worked Monday, and then threw up on Monday night. Yes, I also contracted stomach flu. Yuck! I've been home for three days now, but tomorrow I'm going back to work again. And then it's another weekend! I haven't gotten as much knitting done this week as I wished either, as I've been too nauseous to do pretty much anything other than watching bad TV.

I am making progress on the Emelie cardigan though, as that is pretty much the only thing I've been working on. I've finished the body of the cardigan, and sewed the shoulders together, and I had finished half of the first sleeve on Tuesday night. Yesterday when I had a look at it though, I realized that I had picked up too few stitches for the sleeve, and it looked all puckered and strange. I took a deep breath, and ripped the whole sleeve out. Yesterday night I had gotten back to about where I was before the ripping, and I think I might finish the rest of the sleeve tonight or tomorrow. It is looking so much better this time around though, so I'm happy I redid it.

I also got a package in the mail this week, but it's not yarn. I bought yet another JessaLu bag the other week, my third one. This is the regenerating Tardis fabric, and I LOVE it!

I'll get another, exclusive bag with the Mad Color Fiber Arts Mad Geek Tour club at the end of the month too, and I'm thinking of renewing my subscription for the club for three more months. The difficult thing is that she has added a new theme for the upcoming months, and now I can't decide between Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica! I really want to be in both, but I think I want to join the Sheepy Time Knits next round of Time Traveler yarn club as well, and I can't really afford all three. I asked Thomas which he thought would be more fun, and he just sighed and had no opinion as it concerned yarn. I'll have to think about this for a while.

Ok, I have nothing more to show you this week. And unfortunately, as I've been so sick, and my friend Christine has had a fever this week too, she and her son Leo aren't coming this weekend either. I'll see if I can churn out a second sleeve this weekend instead, as we have absolutely no plans. I just hope that Thomas doesn't get sick too!

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you: Our little Toki turned one year old on Monday! Time really flies!

/ Jenny

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Yarn dyeing

On Sunday evening last week I started to feel a slight pain in my throat. Thomas had been home for a whole week with a cold, so I figured it was my turn, and it was. I had to stay at home for four whole days last week, with a stuffed nose and a sore throat. I really hate that! But at least I got some knitting done, although not as much as you would have expected. I feel like I've mostly slept the whole week!

I finished my Flecktone socks on Wednesday, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

The yarn is Gründl Four Seasons Hot Socks Nil (which is, by the way, the same yarn that the Yarn Harlot used for her latest socks!), which I'm not very fond of but that will make very durable socks. I tried really hard to get the stripes to match, and I think I managed pretty well! I did however forget to decrease four stitches on the foot of the second sock, that I did on the first, so they fit a little bit differently. It isn't visible though, so I definitely couldn't be bothered to rip out the entire second foot. 

I've also worked a lot on the Emelie cardigan, and I've already started to make the increases for the bust.

The different dye lots of the skeins are very different, so I decided to use the dark skein for all of the ribbing and the button band, and the other two, lighter skeins, for the rest of the cardigan. I considered just alternating skeins, but the colours are so different from each other that I would have ended up with a striped cardigan, which I didn't want. I love working with this yarn though (it's Sheepy Time Knits Panda Feet), it is incredibly soft and a little bit shiny. My previous experience with bamboo yarns has been that they are a bit stiff, but this yarn has nothing of that. I'm really looking forward to using this cardigan! If I have enough yarn I'll make the sleeves full length on this one too, that's just how I prefer my sweaters and cardigans.

I started the Glacier gloves the other day too, I think I told you about that, and I've made almost the entire first cuff.

These are for the MarigoldJen KAL that the Stockinette Zombies are hosting, and when I looked a little bit closer at that thread on Ravelry I realized that the KAL is for March through April, so I'm not so stressed out about these any more. I think I'll just focus on the cardigan to start with, and see how much I can finish in March.

When I started the Parcel sweater I also realized that I didn't have any 24 inch needles in the 2.5 mm that I needed. I started with a 32 inch cable, but I was stretching it a bit and the knitting wasn't very enjoyable.

So I went to Garnkorgen and ordered some new needles (I got the 24 inch length on the six smallest sizes of the KnitPicks needles, 2.0 - 3.25 mm), and by then I was almost up to the amount needed to get free shipping. And you of course know what I did. Three skeins of yarn got to come home and live in my stash. Again! The first two are Regia Cross Over Color 4-ply sock yarn (75 % superwash wool/25 % nylon, 211 m/50 g), in the Cassis 04536 colourway:

As you might have noticed, I'm very into self-striping yarns lately. The next skein was Shoppel-Wolle Admiral Bambus 100 g yarn (70 % superwash wool/25 % nylon/5 % mohair, 421 m/100 g), that was completely undyed (and it's Toki-approved too!).

This yarn was exactly what I expected of a bamboo yarn, that is a bit scratchy and papery to the touch, but it feels very durable. I ordered this one because I've been dying to try to make a self-striping yarn of my own. And that is exactly what I did on Thursday. I was finally starting to feel a little bit better, so the little energy I had I used to dye yarn that day. First, I googled how to dye self-striping, and I ended up using this tutorial. I then used my Jacquard Acid dyes that I bought from KnitPicks ages ago, and dyed the skeins on the stove. As I was going to dye this small skein, I thought I might as well dig out my three undyed lace skeins (also from KnitPicks, three skeins of Bare Merino Lace yarn), and dyed them up in the three different colours as well.

The self-striping turned out pretty cool! The colours I had were Emerald, Chestnut and Burgundy, and on the sock yarn the Burgundy and Chestnut turned out pretty similar. I think the difference will be more visible once the skein is knit up though.

The lace yarns turned out very pretty, and the photo looks a little bit washed out.

I really love the Burgundy one on the left! I almost felted the green skein, which was the first colour I used, but I managed to re-skein it and it looks fine now. It was a bit of a hassle to make self-striping yarn, with all the skeining and measuring that goes into the prep work, but I hope it was worth it. I'll probably make these my next self-striping socks!

And speaking of socks: I think I've told you before that I always need to have a mindless project that I can bring to work for my breaks. The self-striping KAL has been perfect for that this year, as I don't want anything too patterned to clash with the coloured stripes. So when I finished the Flecktone socks this week I needed a new project to have as a work project. I looked through my stash on Ravelry, and finally I decided that the skein I was most curious of was the Sheepy Time Knits All Your Base sock yarn (100 % merino, 448 m/100 g), in the Medusa Cascade colourway that was the January shipment in the Time Traveler yarn club. I had a look through my patterns library, and finally settled on the Stansfield 14 pattern from the More Sensational Knitted Socks book by Charlene Schurch.

As you can see, the pattern isn't visible at all! But that's ok though, as I mostly wanted something to keep me a little bit entertained while I knit. The yarn is really dark, much darker than it looked in the skein, but I think I like it. I have to knit a little bit more on them to decide. I do like the yarn itself though, it's a pretty straightforward sock yarn. 

So, as I started those socks this week, and I also have the Gördes on the needles, I've decided to wait a little bit until I cast on for my next self-striping. I need to finish at least one pair first, and as the Gördes are a bit on the backburner right now, and I'm only working on the Medusa Cascade socks at work, that might be a while yet. But I have all of March and April before the next pair needs to be posted for the KAL, so I hope I'll manage that.

Yesterday I went back to work, which made this work week very short! But it was a very hectic day, with lots to do, and when I got home I had such a headache I had to go lie down for a while. I then managed to stay awake until 1 am, when Fibernymph Dye Works had her shop update, and I actually got my hands on one of her skeins! This week she only had two skeins available of each of the colours she posted, so I really didn't think I'd manage to get one. But I think someone had a skein in their shopping cart and then gave it up, because 10 minutes after the update went live there was suddenly a skein of Froot Loops in the Bedazzled base available! I immediately bought it, but as it is a pre-order it might take about a month before it gets here. I'm completely ok with that! I'm just amazed by my ninja stalking skills! You'll get pictures once it gets here.

Ok, I think that's it for this week! I'll try to get another post up around Thursday, because on Friday my best friend Christine and her middle son Leo is coming here for a visit over the weekend! We're currently trying to plan some fun activities for Saturday, and I know I'll be too busy to write on the blog, and I'll probably be too tired on Sunday. It's going to be so much fun, especially since we didn't get to see them over the Christmas holidays as they had the flu. Yay for easy bus travels!

/ Jenny

Sunday, March 03, 2013

An FO and new cast-ons!

I did finish my Julissa sweater yesterday, and blocked it over night. I have to say even I am impressed!

It's an amazing pattern, so clear and easy to follow, and the design is gorgeous. I'm very happy with the result, and it didn't hurt that the yarn (Wollmesie DK) was dreamy to work with. I used just under 2 skeins, so I have a whole skein and then some left. I have no idea what I'll make of it, but it won't leave my stash in the near future. 

I also started swatching for the Arya's Needlework sweater that I was planning on making with the Sheepy Time Knits yarn, but I just could not get gauge! The pattern calls for 32 stitches/4 inches in stockinette stitch with fingering yarn, and that was impossible for me. I ended up with about 6 inches on 2 mm needles, which was so much over the aim that I finally gave up. I've since then swatched for the Emelie cardigan and I am getting gauge, so I'll cast that one on right after I finish this. I won't get a double entry in the March Pop Culture Madness KAL, as the pattern isn't pop culture related, but that's ok. I doubt that I'll finish it in March anyway, but it's a pretty pattern.

I also swatched for the Parcel sweater with my Garnstudio Drops Lima that I bought around Christmas, and I think I'll cast on for that one today too. I don't mind having two sweaters on the needles at the same time, and I like to have a project with a little heavier weight yarn too (this one is DK). All of the other projects I have going use fingering weight yarn or lighter!

Today I will also cast on my Glacier gloves for the MarigoldJen KAL, and they seem like a lot of fun! I kind of enjoy the fiddly-ness of gloves, so I'm looking forward to these. And these ones I'll really try to finish in March!

Ok, time to do some actual knitting! The sun has been shining all day, and we're finally having temperatures above freezing, so me and Thomas went for a long walk a while ago. It is so nice to see the sun again, it feels like it's been cloudy and overcast for the whole Winter! Let's hope Spring is about to arrive!

/ Jenny

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ok, I HAVE to stop buying yarn!

Well, no. Not really. But this week has been a good mail week! On Thursday I got my package from Chili Gredelin. She is a Swedish dyer, but she has decided to close up the shop for good (so I don't know for how long the link will work!). So last Saturday she put up all of her remaining yarn in the shop, and had a final sale. I have plenty of Chili Gredelin yarn in my stash, but most of it is lace. So this time I managed to snag some sock yarns instead. I got four skeins, and I was debating on whether to wait with ordering them or not, but decided I didn't want to miss them if they were sold. And all of the yarns in the shop sold out in less than 24 hours, so I'm glad I didn't wait! The first skein is Chili Gredlin Eliza sock yarn (80 % superwash merino/10 % nylon/10 % cashmere, 365 m/100 g), in the colourway Burnished:

Next up is Chili Gredelin Eliza sock yarn in the colourway Party People:

Third was Chili Gredelin Cassiopeia sock yarn (75 % superwash merino/20 % nylon/5 % stellina, 400 m/100 g) in the colourway Starry Night:

And lastly, a skein of Chili Gredelin Cassiopeia sock yarn in the colourway Glitter Canary:

The last two skeins are the first ones I own with stellina in them, and they will be so much fun to knit with. You can't really see the glitter in the photos, but they are really pretty. I'm very happy with all four of the skeins (and as you can see, so was Toki), and I look forward to making some really pretty socks this year. 

I also got another package on Thursday, which came from another Swedish dyer who is new to me. This is Friday Studios Self-striping sock yarn, Monday base (75 % superwash wool/25 % nylon, 425 m/100g), in the colourway Toothpaste:

I LOVE this yarn! When I was young we always used to have the Aquafresh striped toothpaste, and the yarn looks exactly like that! The socks I'll make from this yarn will be so much fun, and I think this might be my next self-striping socks. The yarn isn't the softest I've ever felt, but it's a lot softer than the one I'm working with now (The Four Seasons Gründl Hot Socks Nil yarn), and I think it will hold up very well. I'll definitely keep an eye on the shop in the future, she has lots of fun colours!

Then yesterday evening I went out for dinner with some work friends, which was really nice. We went to a new Thai restaurant in Mjölby (where I work), and it was really delicious. Although I feel like I smell a bit like curry today :). The restaurant seems to be doing really well, as it was fully booked. I got an awesome dessert, orange ice cream served in an emptied-out orange! Love the little umbrella (it might have followed me home)!

When I got home a new package was waiting for me in the mail box, which came from Mad Color Fiber Arts. The February shipment in the Mad Geek Tour Doctor Who club arrived, whit this insane beauty:

It's Mad Color Fiber Arts Slink yarn (75 % superwash merino/15 % nylon/10 % tencel, 366 m/100 g), in the colourway The Last Centurion. It's gorgeous, and very soft, and the tencel gives it just a little bit of shine. I'm definitely going to join this club again for the next three months. I think she opens up for sign-ups some time now in the beginning of March, so keep your eyes on the shop if you're interested!

So. Six new skeins of yarn this week. But I have to admit that the Chili Gredelin purchase hadn't happened if I didn't know it was my last chance to get her yarns. I think March will contain a lot less yarns than the past couple of months have!

Ok, knitting. I haven't gotten any new photos of the Julissa sweater, but I've only got about three repeats of the cable chart left on the second sleeve. Then I get to pick up the neck band, and that is only about five rows of ribbing, then the whole thing is done! So I think I'll get that done today, as I have no other plans for the day than to knit.

I'm also almost at the heel on the second of my Flecktone socks, and as these are my March entry for the self-striping KAL that the Stockinette Zombies are hosting, I'm way ahead. I think that once they are done I'll focus a bit on the Gördes socks before I cast on for another pair of self-striping, as I have all of March and April to finish the next pair. I worked a bit on the Gördes last weekend, and I really enjoy them. The yarn (Shibui Knits sock yarn) is really nice to work with, with a really high twist that gives it great stitch definition. I haven't gotten far enough to warrant a new photo though, so you'll have to wait for next time.

Yesterday was the first day of March, which means the day to start lots of new KAL projects! The Stockinette Zombies are hosting a MarigoldJen KAL, which means that you can make any project as long as it's MarigoldJen yarn. I got two skeins of her sock yarn a while ago, in the Apple of Megan's Eye colourway, and I think I'll make myself a pair of gloves. I think I'll cast on for the Glacier gloves by Julie Mueller, as I really love her designs. I just want to finish the Julissa sweater before I start anything new. 

The Knitting in Circles Podcast is also hosting a very fun March KAL, called the March Pop Culture Madness KAL. Here you can use any yarn to knit any pattern that is pop culture related, and if you use yarn or fiber that is also pop culture related you get extra points in the prize drawing at the end of the month. This is a very fun theme, and I'm actually thinking of going really all out and cast on for a sweater! I want to make the Arya's Needlework sweater (That's a Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire reference, for those of you who haven't read the books or seen the TV series), with my Sheepy Time Knits Panda Feet yarn that I got in the Time Traveler yarn club in November, in the colourway Exterminate! (And that's Doctor Who, if you hadn't guessed).

I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish all of the sweater in only a month, but as this is something that I really want to make anyway, I think I'll just make it anyway and not be too concerned about the prize drawings. I don't know if I told you, but I got two more skeins of the yarn when the club members were offered to buy more of the exclusive colourway, and the yarn is just so pretty! It has a really metallic sheen to it, and I plan on using my steampunk cogwheel buttons that I got from TimberGreen Woods on Etsy a while ago. I think they will look awesome with the metallic yarn!

So it looks like March will be filled with knitting too. I've really been on a knitting craze this year! I think it might actually be because I finished up all of my projects at the end of last year. That really gave me inspiration to start lots of new projects, and I've really enjoyed knitting lots and lots since then.

Finally, if you're wondering: I've decided not to start a podcast. There are so many good ones out there, And I felt like I almost had to choose between keeping up the blog and making the podcast, otherwise I'd just be repeating myself. And I really enjoy the blog more, so I'll stick with this one instead. Plus, I'm really bad at keeping up with a regular weekly schedule, so blogging suits me much better.

Now I'll make some breakfast/lunch and then knit for the rest of the day. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with an FO for you!

/ Jenny