Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Since it's Easter this weekend, we get both Friday and Monday off, giving us a lovely, long weekend. I've spent most of it knitting and hanging out with Thomas, which has been very nice. Yesterday I went into Linköping to feed my sister's cat Daisy (my sister has been away for the weekend), and as the weather was very nice I put the harness on her and we sat outside in the sun together for almost an hour.

It was very nice, and I think we both enjoyed it equally. I knit a little bit in the sun too! I actually cast on for a new pair of self striping socks the other day, as I want a pair for the April KAL as well. I chose the Schoppel-Wolle Admiral Bambus Plus yarn that I dyed myself the other weekend, as I was very curious to see if I had succeeded in making it stripe. And I did!

The stripes are turning out very nice, but I have to say that the yarn isn't very nice to work with. It fulfils all the bad preconceived notions I have about bamboo yarns, in that it is very stiff to work with, not very soft, and it seems to shed a little bit too. If I ever dye yarn again I'm going to have to find a nicer base! But the socks are turning out ok. I'm knitting the Jeck pattern, just to keep me interested, and it's going very fast.

I've also worked a lot on the Glacier gloves, and I'm on the hand part of the first glove.

This is turning out so nice! I love the yarn (MarigoldJen), and the colour is just my kind of green. I'll probably not get to wear them much this season, as the snow is actually beginning to disappear (knock on wood!), but they will keep until next winter.

On Friday evening we went to our friends' house for afternoon tea and hanging out, and it was so much fun! I haven't seen Jenny since October, and we got to meet her new boyfriend as well (who was very nice). Micke and Klara bought their house just a couple of months ago, so we hadn't seen that either. It is such a nice and cosy house, and they had done a lot to the place as well. They are having a baby in about a month, and I'm thinking of knitting it a cocoon. Klara had seen a photo of one like this for sale somewhere, and really wanted one. It takes almost no yarn, since it's sized for a baby, so I think I can find some suitable left-overs in my stash.

Yesterday evening also saw the return of Doctor Who, and me, Thomas and his brother spent the night eating very good food that Thomas made, and watched the newest episode. I think I'll enjoy the new companion! Matt Smith hasn't been my favourite Doctor by far (I'm David Tennant all the way), so I think I won't be too sad when they change him out (which I guess will be at the end of this season). I'm actually kind of curious about who will be the next Doctor!

And tonight is the season premier of Game of Thrones too! Lots of TV this weekend! But that means lots of knitting time too, which is perfectly fine for me :) But first, I'm going to go outside and sit in the sun for a while. I think I'll bring my socks!

/ Jenny

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yeah I'm not a Matt Smith fan either...Number 10 for me...but I have come to enjoy his quirkiness..and Clara is going to be an interesting companion..

Have a great rest of the weekend...I only had Friday off..