Saturday, March 23, 2013

More club yarn and a HO

Yesterday I finished the first of my Medusa Cascade socks, and I have to say I'm less than impressed. I love the yarn, it is a perfect sock yarn, but the colours are just not me. I don't know what it is I don't like, but I think the yarn is dark and sad, and the colours don't work with each other. Oh well, I guess that's a risk you're taking when you're in yarn clubs.

Yesterday my mother-in-law and two of my brothers-in-law came here to celebrate my other brother-in-law on his birthday, and I asked my mother-in-law if she wanted them, and it turns out she really likes the colours! So at least they will be going to a happy home now and be appreciated. If I can manage to finish the second one this week, they will fit in the March Pop Culture Madness KAL too!

And speaking of yarn clubs. I got my last shipment of the Sheepy Time Knits Time Traveler yarn club yesterday too. The yarn is Sheepy Feet (75 % superwash merino/25 % nylon, 424 m/100 g), and the colourway is called Soufflé Girl.

Once again, I really really like the yarn, but I'm less impressed by the colours. I'm not a huge red fan, so maybe that's why, but I just think this skein is a little bit boring. And since this is the second skein from that club that I'm not all that fond of, I think I'm actually going to skip the next round of the club. The colours will be available to all of the public later on anyway, and that way I can just get the colours I like (says captain obvious...).

Yesterday I also got another skein in the mail, and this one I LOVE! It's from Trailing Clouds (Thank you Stockinette Zombies for the enabling!), and the yarn is BFL/Nylon sock yarn, in the colourway Mind The Gap.

I managed to snag one of these skeins in the update last weekend, which was kind of ninja of me, and I really really love it. It has all of the colours of the London Underground lines, and it is just so cool! The shop seems to be updated at least once a week, so it shouldn't be too impossible to get one.

Next week I'm waiting on the last shipment in the Mad Color Fiber Arts Mad Geek Tour club yarn, and I think that The Knitting Goddess has sent the March shipment of the 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon sock club as well, so that should also be here shortly. Mad Color Fiber Arts will renew her club sign ups for the coming three months soon, and I still can't decide whether I want the Doctor Who theme or the Battlestar Gallactica theme. But hey, now that I won't renew the Sheepy Time Knits club, maybe I could join both? Will someone talk me out of this idea please...?

I have been working a little bit on the Gördes socks this week too, but not very much. They are really taking me forever, as there are so many cables! But I have almost finished the first chart, so I'm making progress.

The cable charts really threw me off at first, as Hunter uses symbols that I wasn't used to, but once I get going it's going pretty well. I really like them, and I love the yarn (Shibui Knits)! I think they will take a fairly long time to finish though, as I'm not really focusing on them too much. I feel like I haven't knit too much this week at all, I've just been so tired after work. But I'll get some done this weekend, and next week is a short week as we have Friday off for Easter :)

And finally, as promised, a photo of the blocked Emelie cardigan:

I really, really like it, and this was the club yarn from Sheepy Time Knits that I actually love. It is super soft, and it fits me pretty darned well!

/ Jenny

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Enabling! I love "Mind the Gap" Did you read the announcement from Heather of Mad Color..she redyed all the yarn, as she didn't like how they turned shipment was going to be delayed by a day or two? But hey we get our bags this time out!!!

I bought 3 of her skeins last weekend when I saw was Police Box it!