Thursday, March 28, 2013

Four-day weekend coming up!

And I have a FO for you! Tonight I finished my Medusa Cascade socks, and I'm very glad to get them off my needles. 

The pattern was pretty mindless, so I've made most of them at work during my breaks. And the yarn in itself is very nice, but as I've told you I found the colours dull and boring. I'm very glad that my mother-in-law seemed to really like them, so I'm going to give them to her when I see her next. I need to wash them first though, to make certain that the colours won't bleed. I don't think that will be a problem, as my Panda Feet yarn (which is also from Sheepy Time Knits) didn't shed any dye at all.

I also got my March shipment in the Knitting Goddess yarn club (The 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon club), and I really really LOVE it!

It's a really pretty purple, and the inspiration this time comes from the film Dark Shadows (where Johnny Depp plays a vampire). The pattern, Collinwood, is really pretty too, although you'll have to do without a photo as there isn't one yet on the pattern page. I might try these out some time in the future, but for now I'll finish my Gördes socks first. And then I think I want to knit a pair of Cookie A socks, or possibly a pair of Claire Ellen.

The projects that will get most love this long weekend (we get Friday and Monday off for Easter) will probably be the Glacier gloves and the Gördes socks. I've knit a bit on the Mandala II shawl this past week, but it is very scrunched up on a short needle right now so it doesn't show it. As I have a lot of the yarn (Madelinetosh Tosh Lace), I'm making it a little bit bigger, so I'm adding a second repeat of chart 2. It's looking good so far! I've really enjoyed working some lace again, so maybe this will get a bit of love too.

I also really, really want to work on my Parcel sweater, but that will probably be the project that gets the least amount of progress. I need to finish the gloves for the MarigoldJen KAL first, and I really want to wear the Gördes socks as they are really pretty!

Tomorrow me and Thomas are going to visit our friends Klara and Micke, and see their new house. They are having a baby in April, so I think Klara will be pretty big right now! And other than that we have absolutely no plans for the entire weekend, and it feels really good to just get to be home and relax. I'm hoping for some sunny weather so we can maybe get some sun on our wintry pale faces too :)

Happy Easter!

/ Jenny

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