Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Now summer really IS over!

We're back from our vacation in Greece, and Autumn has really kicked in here in Mantorp! When we boarded the plane to go home it was 25 °C and sunny, and when we landed in Gothenburg it was 8 °C and foggy. And it has been raining more or less every day since then!
But we had a wonderful, sunny week in the tiny village of Almyrida, and we swam in the pool and the ocean every day. Ella had a blast, and everything worked out perfectly with the airplane and bus rides and stuff. We had wonderful food and lots of ice cream every day, and just relaxed and did as little as possible. I did manage to find a yarn store on the day we went to Chania for some shopping, but unfortunately it was closed. It looked very nice from the outside though!
On the flight there I started a new pair of socks, to keep me occupied. I didn't have much knitting time during the rest of the week, as it seems we spent most of the time in the water, but by now I'm almost done with the first sock.
These are the Speed bump socks, and I'm using Marks & Kattens Fame sock yarn (75 % wool/25 % nylon). I think they will be for my mom, as she has worn holes in her last pair. I like the colours, and the pattern is very easy to memorize. They are my current coffee break knit too, now I'm back at work.
I also have an FO to show you! I actually finished the first of the Winchester Plaid mittens right before the end of stash dash, so I reached the 3K goal I was aiming for. And I finished the second mitten right before we left for Greece too, so I now have a cozy pair of mittens for winter.
They are made with KnitPicks Palette yarn, in the colourways Marina and Black, and I lined them with some red Palette in the Serrano colourway. I really like them, even though they are a little bit big, but the lining helped a bit with that.
The only project other than the socks that has gotten any love at all is the Evenstar shawl that I'm making with some MadelineTosh Prairie yarn. I haven't gotten any now photos of that one yet, as it is scrunched up on a very short needle with about 500 stitches. I just started chart 3, and it's very slow going as I haven't gotten much free time lately (Thomas has been busy with his band, and it's very hard to knit lace with Ella around). I really want to get it done though! Lately I find myself in the mood to get all the things off the needles, especially the projects that have been going for a while. I need to make Ella a new winter hat and a winter cardigan too, but I think I'll try to get the shawl done first.
My other two projects, the Enchanted Mesa sweater and the Pincha shawl, haven't been touched at all for ages. I'll get to them one by one, once the Evenstar is finished.
Other than that, life is just getting back to its normal routine, with daycare for Ella and work for me and Thomas. We plan to go to Gothenburg on the last weekend in September, to see a concert with Ghost again, but as it is outside I think we'll hold off to decide on it until we know what the weather will be like...
/ Jenny