Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a quickie

Ok, so I just had to show off my bargain I found at Biltema (a swedish store selling tools, car-parts and hobby items, among other things): Now I can block everything I knit!

They are made in some foam-like material, and will be perfect for putting pins in.

Another summer project of mine (no rest for me during the vacation!) is to learn how to crochet. I think it looks like fun, and you can make such cute soft toys from crocheting. Also I bought my first embroidery kit today. It's a potpuri bag, and the pattern looked quite easy, some kind of lavender flower I think it was. It was a very cheap kit, which included the potpuri bag, a grid and all the thread needed. So my summer is really packed!

Now, for continued writing. And also, Anne of Green Gables is on TV...

/ Jenny

Found a pic!

Hi again!

I'm still not quite finished with my thesis, so I haven't gotten around to taking any pictures of my work. But I remembered that I acually have one picture of a tiny cat-sweater I made for my previous cat, Gizmo. He was a Devon Rex breed, so he had very little fur, and with a sweater on we could go outside in the spring and fall, even if it was a little cold. So I knitted a sweater from a pattern I found of a dog-sweater, and this is how it came out! It was finished around mars 2008. Sadly, Gizmo passed away in september 2008, so he didn't get to "enjoy" the sweater for very long. But we decided to bury him in it, so that he won't be cold in cat heaven.

On a happier note, I think I have decided to order one or two english books on knitting. One of my summer projects is to learn the knitting terms in english as well, so I can read english patterns, so I thought I would start with a book. I found out today that I got just over 2000 Kr (which equals about 200 Euro) etra on my paycheck, so I think I can afford a couple of books this month. The university that I work for gives a contribution if you're a union member, to pay for union fees and such, so that was where the money came from. But since I've already payed my fees, I think I can spend these money on something nicer.

Now, I'll get back to writing for work again. Hopefully I will finish the thesis tomorrow, so I can go on vacation!

/ Jenny

Monday, June 29, 2009

The first time

Hi all!

So, this is my first post! It will be without pictures so far, until I've figured out how to add them... My guess is that it's not that hard, but I haven't got the time right now. I'm doing my PhD in immunology at the University Hospital in Linköping, Sweden, and my thesis is due wednesday. So this is just my way of procrastinating. Also, I don't have any pictures of my knitted work so far, but my husband has borrowed a good camera from a friend, so picturetaking is one of my vacation-projects.

When I go on vacation next week I've decided to start knitting a shawl from Drops. The pattern is in swedish, since I haven't learned the english knitting terms yet (another of my summer projects), but you can see the picture. I will also try to knit a tunic, also from Drops, if I get the time. I bought the yarn for both projects last week, and it is very tempting to start right now. But I HAVE to finish my thesis first. And I ordered some knitting needles from KnitPro last week as well, and hopefully they will get here next week as well. I figured I might as well wait until I could knit my new projects with my new needles, so I'm eagerly awaiting the mail! The scarf will be in a purple alpaca, and the tunic will be in a turquoise alpaca and silver cotton-viscose (it is knitted with two yarns simultaneously). I'm very excited to start!

Next time there will hopefully be some pictures as well, and some kind of logo (I just have to design one first).

Until then!

/ Jenny