Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a quickie

Ok, so I just had to show off my bargain I found at Biltema (a swedish store selling tools, car-parts and hobby items, among other things): Now I can block everything I knit!

They are made in some foam-like material, and will be perfect for putting pins in.

Another summer project of mine (no rest for me during the vacation!) is to learn how to crochet. I think it looks like fun, and you can make such cute soft toys from crocheting. Also I bought my first embroidery kit today. It's a potpuri bag, and the pattern looked quite easy, some kind of lavender flower I think it was. It was a very cheap kit, which included the potpuri bag, a grid and all the thread needed. So my summer is really packed!

Now, for continued writing. And also, Anne of Green Gables is on TV...

/ Jenny

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