Monday, February 15, 2010

A valentine's give-away

Heather over at Implausible Yarn is hosting a Valentine's give-away of a gorgeous project bag! You all need to go over there and enter, it's just so cute. Plus, it's one of my favourite blogs too, Heather writes really funny and captivating about knitting, yarn, food and lots of other stuff.

In other news, I cast on for the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star shawl yesterday. Before I tell you about it, I just have to tell you one more reason why I love Ravelry. I found this pattern a while ago, it's published free on Unfortunately, once I found it, it was no longer available on their website. I then contacted the designer directly, as she was also on Ravelry, and she kindly sent me the pattern file. I'm thrilled with this, as it is a very original design, and so far it's very easy and fun to knit.

However: I'm not sure if I like the yarn I'm using for the pattern. I'm using Pälsblend from the Swedish spinner Östergötlands Ullspinneri, and the yarn is gorgeous and very comfortable to work with. The problem I'm having is that it is such thin lace yarn that there is almost no stitch definition, so the knitting is very "hole-y" even in the stockinette sections. I can hardly see the difference between the regular stitches and the YO's, so I'm thinking I might switch yarn. I'm definitely going to use the yarn for something else, as I really love it, but I think I'll frog it for this one and start over. I'm thinking of using the Chili Gredelin Geisha yarn instead. I'll make a little swatch later tonight, and tell you what I think in my next post.

Now I'm going to make some dinner, and hope my stomach will behave!

/ Jenny


Sarah Cameron said...

ack!! that's very tiny yarn!!

Kate said...

Oh Jenny! That pattern is beautiful! You're just knitting away, aren't you?! I can't believe that you've knit three shawls already!

ImplausibleYarn said...

Jenny! You just say the nicest things! I like what you've done with your background (it's new right? I'm not just really unobservant?) it reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffanys for some reason.

Virginia said...

Fingers crossed for your stomach behaving well.

I can't wait to see photos of the new shawl. :)