Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another yarn give-away!

Kate of Lazy Kate Creates celebrates her 100th post this week (A huge congratulations Kate!), and to celebrate she is giving away some of her own hand-spun yarn. It is really gorgeous yarn, and Kate is such a nice and fun gal, so be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already.

I decided to frog the Twinkle Twinkle shawl, and I have now started over with my light green Chili Gredelin Geisha yarn. It is 100 % silk, and it looks so much better in this yarn! I think I'll use the Pälsull yarn for a Laminaria, a shawl that doesn't have so many stockinette parts. I'll see when I get to that one! But the Twinkle Twinkle shawl is coming along nicely, I've already made about 80 rows. It looks really pretty too! Here is a progress shot before I made the first star pattern, modelled by a very patient Hobbe :)

I haven't worked a lot on the Percy shawl though, I guess I should get going on that one too. I have high hopes of finishing at least one of these in February, and I would really like to finish both. I think it depends on how much I have to do at work. I have a lot of stuff to finish up before I leave at the end of March, but most of it is writing stuff. I need to leave readable instructions for anyone presumably filling my post one day :)

We're having a huge party this weekend, as I think I told you. As I have 7 vacation days that I need to use up before I leave work, I decided to use two of them today and tomorrow, so I've spent today tidying up the apartment. There are a few dirty dishes in the sink still, but otherwise I think I'm done. I'm also doing laundry today, so that it can dry until Saturday and I can put it away. And tomorrow I'll go grocery shopping, so we have some food to offer to our guests. But other than that I think the apartment looks better than it has done in weeks! Maybe that is because my yarn stash is organized and put away?

I'll wear my Echo Flower shawl to the party on Saturday, so I'll try to get some photos of it on me then!

/ Jenny


Virginia said...

It's nice that they're letting you use up your vacation days before you leave.

And I like the light green. Very pretty. :)

Anna said...

How on earth can it look BETTER when the yarn is put away!?!? I simply don't get it! Yarn is pretty, isn't it? ;) Looking forward to seeing both you, Thomas, Hobbe (will he even show a paw Saturday?) and all our lovely yarn! :D

Kate said...

What a patient and well-behaved kitty :)