Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finally pay-day!

Yep, all our money this past month seems to have been spent at the party last weekend! Which is kind of funny, as the food and booze wasn't really all that expensive, but as the party was pretty late in the month, we sort of helt on tight to the money before that, so it would last for certain. So when I got my paycheck today, I went sort of nuts... I've bought about 10 patterns from Ravelry today (because I was bored at work), and it was so much fun! It wasn't very expensive either, so I haven't really spent very much money, but it was very nice to be able to buy some of the patterns that I've been wanting for a while. And I might as well do it now, before I become unemployed!

And speaking of that, I think I mentioned last week that I had to use up my vacation days before I leave. Well, it turns out that I have 15 days to use up! That means that I acually leave work on March 12th, which is just so wonderful! I'm really tired of it right now, so it suits me just fine to be able to leave a bit early. I'll have to go to the unemployment-office and make myself available as soon as I get off, but I don't think I'll actually get a new job for at least a month. Hopefully I'll et back to school this Fall too, and then I don't think I'll get any work before that :) Just imagine: Five whole months of free time!

Yesteray when I came home from work I was really itching to knit, but I wasn't really in the mood for the Percy shawl. So I decided to actually work some on my Glynis socks, you know the ones from the Sock Innovation book by Cookie A. I've almost made the whole first leg, and I'll start on the heel tonight I think. I really love this pattern, and the yarn (Colinette Jitterbug, 100 % superwash merino) is just to die for! I originally planned to make these socks for myself, but they are a bit too tight around the leg where I cast on (even though I've frogged these ones and started over, this still isn't really fixed!), so I'm going to give them to my best friend, Christine. she is very petit, and should have no problem with the skinnier leg part. And as she has three kids under the age of 7, it is a good thing that the yarn is mashine-washable too :) I'm actually the godmother of her youngest son, Alex!

And when I tired of the sock last night, I cast on for some mittens too! I've started the Cat Mittens, by Jorid Linvik, the same designer who made the Moose mittens I made for my grandfather before Christmas. I've been wanting to make these for quite some time, and as I got the yarn for them from KnitPicks this week, I just had to get started. I'm using the Palette yarn in colourways Cream and Currant. They are going to be sooo beautiful!

Ok, Now I'd better get back to work! Pics will come tomorrow, I promise! And tomorrow I'll show you all the patterns I bought today too, so you'll definitely have something to look forward too :)

/ Jenny


Sarah Cameron said...

good for you! You needed a break from shawls for a while. :) I'll tell ya, I never have a problem with the leg openings being too tight with my toe up on two circulars style socks. hehe ;)

goldenbird said...

Isn't it fun buying patterns on Ravelry? I spend way too much time there, but it's so addictive. Hope you end up with lots and lots of free time. Looking forward to seeing the mittens.