Monday, February 22, 2010

Mastodont post!

Yep, prepare yourselves for a long one! I'll start with a short report on the weekend. On Satruday morning we woke to about 50 cm of new snow, and more falling all day. Great weather to drive in, don't you think?! I'm very happy that my brothers-in-law and Thomas' best friend from home decided to brave the icy roads and take the two-hour drive over here (I think it took them about three hours this time though), just to celebrate Thomas' birthday. We had about 10 people here on Saturday night, eating lots of good food and drinking way too much beer and wine :) I went to bed about 1.30 I think, but Thomas and our night-guests (there were four of them), and my sister's boyfriend, stayed up the whole night and didn't go to bed until 6.30 in the morning or so! So I tin Thomas was very happy with the party. And we finally got to give him his gift, so now I can tell you all about it: All of his friends have chipped in to give him a new tattoo! He's already got one whole arm, and he has been talking about getting the other one done for so long, so I figured this would be a great gift. I don't think he'll get it done until maybe this fall, but he liked the gift a lot.

And now for the stuff that's going to take up A LOT of space today: Our KnitPick's boxes have finally arrived! And let me tell you, there is so much yarn! I'm just going to show you what I ordered in this post, as I think that if I included Anna's and Lovisa's parts, there would just be no end to it... So here's what I bought:

Three skeins of Shadow Kettle Dyed (100 % wool), colourway Begonia

Three skeins of Alpaca Cloud (100 % alpaca), colourway Papaya

Two skeins of Alpaca Cloud, colourway Cappucino

Two skeins of Alpaca Cloud, colourway Autumn

Ten skeins of Palette (100 % wool), colourway Black

Ten skeins of Palette, colourway Cream

Six skeins of Palette, colourway Clover

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Lipstick

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Forest Heather

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Semolina

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Fairy Tale

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Silver

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Edamame

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Currant

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Masala

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Garnet Heather

Two skiens of Palette, colourway Grass

Two skiens of Stroll (75 % superwash merino/25 % nylon), colourway Firecracker Heather

Two skiens of Stroll, colourway Saphire Heather

Two skiens of Stroll, colourway Forest Heather

Two skiens of Stroll, colourway Burgundy

Two skiens of Essential (75 % superwash merino/25 % nylon), colourway Grass

Two skiens of Essential (75 % superwash merino/25 % nylon), colourway Sarge

Ten skeins of Telemark (100 % wool), colourway Aubergine

As you can see, I don't need to buy yarn for the rest of my life! I'm not saying I'm not going to, I'm just saying I don't NEED to do it :) I'm so incredibly happy about all this yarn, and I can't wait to get to knit with it!

I have two other news that are not as much fun though. I actually frogged the Twinkle Twinkle shawl again last night. I made a mistake and tried to correct it, but it only made it worse. So I decided to frog all of it (because I hadn't used any lifelines: Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!), and I'll start over some day soon. I really liked it with the Chili Gredelin Geisha yarn, so I'm just going to do it all over again.

The other, much sader, news I have is that Chili Gredelin is putting her store on ice for a while! She has too much other stuff going on in her life, which I completely understand, so she felt that she just had to prioritize. And her yarn shop should be connected with fun stuff for her, so I completely understand her. There is a possibility that the store will be up during the summer again, but she won't know unti we get a bit closer to it. I just hope that she can find some relaxation in her life as well, and hopefully a bit less stress now that she doesn't have the dyeing business hanging over her! I'm also very glad that I have some of her yarn in stash already, it ought to last me a while!

I'll try to be back tomorrow, and then I'll show you all the goodies that Anna and Lovisa bought form KnitPick's as well!

/ Jenny


Kelly said...

so much yarn! lucky you,

goldenbird said...

Wow, that yarn is so beautiful. I love the grass color. I've never ordered from Knit Picks, but the ladies in my knitting group are always talking about it. Do you have plans for most of that yarn, or is it just to have on hand for future unknown projects?

Valarie said...

I've yet to get anything from knit picks. BEAUTIFUL yarn. It just looks so soft and wonderful. Makes me want to go spend a ton of money.

Virginia said...

That is a TON of yarn. Gorgeous!

I'm a really big fan of Knitpicks lace yarn. I haven't really tried anything else by them yet.

Sarah Cameron said...

oh man, so exciting! It all looks so gorgeous but the Sapphire colour is just stunning! My favorite out of all of them.

Allison said...

I'm loving your yarn! I'm ordering from KnitPicks for my next sweater project.

Kate said...

Holy crap Jenny- that is a whole lot of yarn! It's so beautiful!

I love that everyone pitched in money for your man's new tattoo! That's so thoughtful! I'd love to see his sleeve sometime, if that's something you would want on the blog. I've always wanted a sleeve!