Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Late night posting

First of all, I finished the Jeck socks the other night!

I am very proud of how they came out, especially as they seem almost identical in the striping. They yarn was stiff to work with, but they feel ok on my feet. I think I need to look around to try and find a nicer undyed base of yarn so I can experiment some more with dyeing! Although that will have to wait, as I currently am very out of funds. Yesterday I had my car at the shop to change the tires from winter tires to summer tires (the ones without studs), and it turned out that two of my summer tires were too worn. So I had to buy new ones. And let me tell you: Tires are expensive! But at least now I'll be safe, right?

As I finished my work knitting, I needed to start a new one, and I picked up the Friday Studios yarn that I bought a while ago, in the Toothpaste colourway. I started the Scylla socks on Sunday night, and I really, really love this yarn!

The pattern isn't perfect with striping yarn, but I'm ok with that. The yarn is one of the softest socks yarns I've knit with that doesn't have cashmere in it, and the colours are perfect! I will definitely buy more from Frida, and I'm really happy that I chose to join in her Hunger Games yarn club! That yarn will probably be here at the end of the week, or possibly at the beginning of next week, and I'm very excited!

Tomorrow I only have work in the afternoon, and then I am having Thursday, Friday and Monday off (I've taken some vacation days), which will be so awesome! I've been feeling really tired these past few days, and it will be nice with some time to rest. I'll probably spend some of the time sorting out our garden and throwing out some old stuff that's left over from the move, but I hope to get some knitting in too. I'll try to finish the Glacier gloves first, but I still haven't cast on for the second one. I'll probably do that tomorrow.

/ Jenny

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