Monday, April 22, 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, Day 1

Day 1: The House Cup

The first assigned topic is to choose the House you want to be in. This year's blog week has a sort of Harry Potter theme, where we start off by being selected into different houses, depending on how we see ourselves as knitters. There are four houses available (unless you're a rebel and make up your own house!):

1) House of Bee: "Bees are busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture their interest."

2) House of Manatee: "Manatees are gentle, calm and cuddly. relaxed and unflashy they represent the comfort and soft side of knitting and crochet."

3) House of Monkey: "Intelligent and with a fun loving side, Monkeys like to be challenged with every project presenting them with something new and interesting."

4) House of Peacock: "Peacocks take something good and make it brilliant. Buttons, embellishments and a bit of sparkle prove that perfection lies in the details - like a Peacosk's tail."

I'm having a little bit of difficulty choosing between House of Bee and House of Monkey, but I think I've finally settled on the Monkey theme. I tend to have a lot of projects going simultaneously, but I also like to learn new stuff with my knitting. I try not to shy away from new techniques, and even though I am a bit afraid of for instance seaming I try to not look at the project descriptions before I decide to start something new, so I don't avoid projects that are knitted flat and seamed. When I decided to start knitting lace a couple of years ago I didn't read a lot about it before I started, I just dove right in. And the shawl I made turned out HUGE! But it was a lot of fun, and I've never been scared of lace since. So I think I'll have to sort myself into the Monkey House :)

See you tomorrow for the next topic!

/ Jenny

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