Thursday, April 25, 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, Day 4

Day 4: Colour Review

The topic today is colour, and what our favourite colours are. First, we are to think about what colours we prefer when knitting or buying yarn. Then, once we've reflected on that, it's time to have an actual look through the stash and the past year's projects. Does your perceived opinion match reality?

I am pretty certain that my favourite colour is green, which it has pretty much always been. When I was a kid I loved pink like most little girls (plus, I grew up in the eighties, it was very much allowed to be girlish then), and I still wear pink a lot too, but green has always had a special spot in my heart. I have pretty dark hair and brown eyes, and I think someone told me when I was young that green suited me, and that kind of stuck.

Lately though, I find myself being drawn to more jewel toned yarns, and I think I have a lot of purple and teal in my stash too. Teal and turquoise are the shades that I'm really drawn to, and I think that will probably be obvious when I look through my stash.

Finally, since around Christmas, I've been buying lots and lots of self striping sock yarn in very different shades, and I don't think those will reflect my colour preferences at all! The more, crazy colours the better!


Ok, so I took a look through my stash. I had a lot of green and a lot of teal, just as I thought, but what surprised me was how much red yarn I've bought during the past year (not to mention how MUCH yarn I've bought the last year. Let's not mention that). I do not consider myself as someone who wears a lot of red, as I think it makes me look pale and blemish, but apparently I have acquired some anyway. As I had so much fun working some statistics yesterday, I decided to make yet another graph:

I didn't know what colour to choose for the multi category, so that's the off-white section. As you can see that is fairly large! I have also got quite a few brown yarns this past year, which I also didn't realize. But I like brown a lot too, so that's ok.

When looking at my projects I think I was more consistent, except for the yellow mittens and cowl I made for my mother. Yellow isn't a colour that I wear very much either, but she asked for those so I made them. The same with the blue hat, although that one I could have kept for myself too. I made a graph of this too (because I know how much you like graphs, right?).

If you don't count the large yellow and large blue wedges, I think that my purchases and my projects actually match up pretty ok. So apparently I do know what colours I use when I buy yarn! Imagine that.

I think that the fact that I have so many projects in the colours that I know I like shows that I am not a complete process knitter too, as I do care about the finished object. But I have a huge stash, so when I find a project that has a technique I want to try out I can usually find something there to knit with. 

This was so much fun, which the blog week usually is. Tomorrow is going to be a difficult one though, but I'll be back with a new topic!

/ Jenny

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