Saturday, April 27, 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, Day 6

Day 6: A Tool to Covet

Today's topic is tools, and how we use them in knitting. What is the one tool that you use more than others, and why is it so awesome?

I'm not sure if it counts as a tool, but I have chosen to talk about my iPad. I bought it about two years ago, and I have used it every day since. I downloaded Goodreader on it, which is a PDF reader, and I have all of my patterns in there. The program allows you to draw lines and write notes on the documents, which means that it's very easy to keep track of where I am in the patterns. It also functions as a small computer, which means that I can look up techniques on youtube or Ravelry while I'm knitting, and I can have music or audiobooks going as well. It's pretty much the best thing I ever got. I have the oldest version, and as I bought it after the iPad 2 had come out, it wasn't too expensive. But I'm pretty certain that once it gives up I'll fork out the money for a new one, no matter how much it costs!

I can't really think of a tool I have that I regret buying though. I have a couple of needle brands that I don't really use, but I still don't regret buying them to try them out. I still plan to give them away here on the blog eventually, but I'm saving all of that stuff up for the four year anniversary that's coming up in June. Other than that, I think I use most of my stuff, although since I got the iPad I don't really use my document holder that I got from KnitPicks a couple of years ago. I used that one for all of my patterns before though, so I definitely had a use for it.

Ok, short post today. I'll be back tomorrow for the final instalment in the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week!

/ Jenny

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