Thursday, December 31, 2009

I went shopping

Yes, I went shopping with my sister today. Thomas is too sick to go outside, so it fell on me to do the grocery shopping for tomorrow (I know that it's technically the 31st now, but I'm still awake so for me it's still the 30th). We figured that even though we're not going to have a party, we should at least get something good to eat. So tomorrow we're having Roast baked in Porter, and chocolate cake for dessert. And while I was out, I took the chance to do some fun shopping too! And that of course means yarn. I bought two gorgeous skeins of PälsBlend from Färgkraft, a swedish dyer, in a colourway called Glam Goth. You can see why:

The pink is a lot more hot in reality, it's just so hopeless to take photos here during wintertime! I think this will turn into one of my shawls that I bought from Windsbraut. I love it, and I've spent the entire evening balling all my skeins of lace yarn. These ones look like raspberry/liquorice candy! And now that I've balled all of the skeins, I'm truly ready to start the shawl challenge! I forgot to take a photo of all those lovely goodies, but I promise I'll show it to you next time :)

I went to Ikea, and bought some more project bags. I just loved the pink striped one I got in the mail a while ago, so I bought an identical one, and a green one too.

'Ikea also has some pretty patterned plastic bags to store stuff in, and I bought two red ones to store all my yarns in. The very unyieldy, clear one I got a while ago is just so darn ugly, and I figured that these were really cheap (about $2 each).

The one on the right holds all my yarn that is intended to become sweaters and tops and such. The one on the left holds all my sock yarns (and glove yarns too, but that's more or less the same thing). I keep the lace yarns in the round bag my sister made for me for Christmas. I keep all my yarn at the end of the sofa, and now it at least looks a little happier.

I also bought three plastic canvas bags/jars to use as yarn bowls while I'm out of the home. Anna got these very same a while ago and loves them, so I thought I would give them a chance. Ikea actually has some nice stuff!

I also went to one of the electronics shops at the shopping mall I was in (Tornby), and finally got myself an electronic kitchen scale (or is it a pair of scales even if it's electronic? I don't remember my english grammar as well as I thought I did). It ranges from 10 g to 5 kg, and measures with 1 g sensitivity, so I can use it to weigh my yarn leftovers! And I'm betting I'll get good use of it once I start spinning too (no, I haven't had the time to fiddle with the wheel yet). Here it is, weighing my new skein of Pälsblend!

That was my shopping spree today. I also got to pick up the first book I ordered before Christmas today! It is actually more of a booklet, and it's Rauma Selbustrikk. It is very shiny, so it was very hard to get a decent photo of it. You'll just have to be satisfied with the least flashy one, and believe me when I tell you that under the flare it says Selbustrikk.

I want to knit every pattern from this booklet, the gloves, socks and mittens are just so gorgeous. They are really more pieces of art than craft, and I so admire designers who can come up with stuff like this!

So all in all it's been a really good day. And tomorrow I don't even need to leave the apartment! Hopefully I'll get to knit some while Thomas cooks, and of course I'll start my Aeolian right after the stroke of midnight!

See you all next year. Happy New Year!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

hmmm... it appears your yarn diet is over! LOL Beautiful, all of it! I've been looking forward to getting a kitchen scale for the same reason (and your English grammar is just fine, believe me! Better than 80% of Americans!)

Anna said...

This may be one of the loveliest posts you have ever done! Yarn, Ikea, food, shopping... it's all good! :)

Kate said...

You always get such great stuff! That colorwork mitten book is something that I just drool over! And I've been thinking of buying a kitchen scale for a while now- I should just do it!

LMutsaers said...

We have a digital kitchenscale from Ikea also measures in 1g increments and was only like 12 euros or so.

Ikea is perfect for stuff like that.