Monday, December 14, 2009

And now, for something completely different

I thought I would do something completely different today, and talk a bit about movies. I'm bored at work, and I don't have any knitting progress to show you since yesterday (although I've finished the cuff on the second Moose Mitten, and here's the Ravelry pattern link, Nalamienea). I don't mind admitting that I'm a horror junkie, but I'm sort of particulate about what I like. I don't like hach-and slash movies with serial killers, and I'm not fond of the "gross the audience out"-genre either. I think I like the moies with something a bit supernatural best, and I especially love zombie flicks.

But before I tell you about all the horror movies I like, I'll start with mentioning the best film I ever saw as a child: The Neverending Story.This is one of the few cases where I actually love both the book and the movie, maybe because I saw the movie long before I read the book. This must be one of the best children's stories out there, it's just so beautiful! This is the first movie I remember crying to (I cry when I watch cartoons sometimes, I'm so soppy I can hardly stand on my own :), and I actually have a tattoo from this movie, of the Auryn (the pendant that Artreyu gets, and that saves Fantasia in the end) between my shoulder blades. If you haven't seen this one, go do it right now. I'll wait.

Moving on to the horror flicks. I think my favourite Zombie movie is actually "28 weeks later", even though this is a sequel. I just loved a movie with fast zombies, and Robert Carlyle is SOOO good in this one. I could definitely watch "Dawn of the Dead" again, preferably the new one, and I actually liked "Land of the Dead" as well (Thomas won't agree with you on that one though). There is a new Zombie flick coming up sometime next year, based on the book "World War Z" by max Brooks, and as this is one of the best books I've ever read, regardless of genre, I'm very excited about this. Hopefully it will do the book justice.

We watched "District Nine" a while ago, and that was a really good Sci-Fi/Horror. I think I'll probably buy this one some time next year, and I can really recommend it! The best part of this is that it is set in South Africa, and there were so many different levels to the movie, the most obvious one being the racial aspect. Just watch it, ok?

Another terrific Sci-Fi/Horror is "Event Horizon", starring Sam Neil and Lawrence Fishburn. This movie is seriously creepy, and the first time I watched it I actually had to watch something non-horror afterwards to calm down before I dared go to bed. So not for the faint of heart, but if you're a horror fan and haven't seen this, I warmly recommend it.

One of my alltime favourites, that isn't really horror at all, is "Nightmare Before Christmas" by Tim Burton. Mr Burton is my favourite director, I've so far loved all his movies, but I still think this is the best. I must have seen it a hundred times by now, but it's still as good!

And if we're leaving the horror genre, I might as well tell you that I love "Stand by Me" as well. In my mind it is almost classified as a horror anyway, as the novel is written by Stephen King, but this is actually one of his books that doesn't really fit the horror label. That's one thing I love about mr King as well, he's very versatile. Many of his books can't really be peg-holed into a single genre. And this movie is just so great, even though it's not about anything more than four boys and their friendship.

And the final movie I'm going to recommend is the Dracula movie that Coppola made in 1992. It's not very scary, but VERY romantic! I guess that if this movie had come out today, it would be classified as an EMO movie, but way back then we didn't have such things as emo kids, so I don't care! It's so dark and romantic, and Gary Oldman is SOOO sexy in his long, dark hair!

Hm, I think we'll make this into a series of posts: Next time I'll tell you about my favourite actors. And I think I also want to rant a bit about TV-series as well. And I guess I could make a full post about music as well... So stay tuned if you want to hear my opinion on stuff you don't care about :)

Oh, and just so you know: All film poster photos are borrowed from Wikipedia!

/ Jenny

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LMutsaers said...

Kewl something else then knitting. Knit while watching a movie is the best though.
Event Horizon is something i will definetly pick up, thanx for the recommendation.

I love horror movies but my wife cannot stand the scary moments so i rarely watch them. My fav is a "B-movie" called The Bunker, not much really happens and it is all suggestive... very freaky.

I bet with your zombies your love the Resident Evil movies as well then?