Thursday, December 10, 2009

Funny coincidence

Yesterday at the knitting café I asked around if someone could recommend a good book on spinning. As Ulrika was there, she metioned the new book "Respect the Spindle", which she had also recommended in the comments to my post a few days ago. Tonight I was surfing on Ravelry (yes, I know, the hours just fly by...), and I read a lot on the forum for the "10 shawls in 2010" group right now. We're up to 663 members right now, which means almost 7000 shawls next year... Many posts are very inspiring, and I think I've favourited about 100 shawls that I want to knit! But one thread is about favourite types of shawl yarns, and the discussion mentioned some handspun yarns. Sophiphi137, who is also a member of my knitting group in real life, commented and said she wanted to learn how to spin, and a woman answered by posting an instructional YouTube video with an introduction to spinning. I watched it, and loved it, and feel so much more motivated to try it out now (I'll do it tomorrow, though, I'm just too tired right now)! As it turns out, the woman who made the video is Abby Franquemont, the author of "Respect the Spindlle"! So I'm definitely adding that one to the growing list of books I'm getting after Christmas! So much fun!

Now it's almost time for bed, and I plan to knit 7 more rows on the Moose Mittens, then I can start the decreases tomorrow. Thank God the working week is almost done, I'm exhausted!

/ Jenny

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