Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ok, so I couldn't keep away...

I just have to share: Yesterday I got an early Christmas gift from my grandfather. Me and my sister usually get a pretty large sum of money from him each year, and that turned out to be true for this year too. So when I got home from work yesterday, completely exhausted and with a splitting headache, I at least got to buy myself some Christmas gifts! I ordered some knitting and spinning books, but I think I'll tell you about those when they arrive. But the thing that might interest you the most is the pattern splurge I went through on Ravelry! Unfortunately the pictures I borrowed from the Ravelry patterns pages turned out to be too large for the blog (I tried posting them, and on my computer they sort of covered teh side bar...), so you'll have to be content with links to the pages. I bought five glove patterns from designer Julia Mueller: Lady Sunshine, Gordian, Eve, Glows and Entangled Stitches.

And finally I ordered a package of ten sock patterns from designer Dodile. I'll just link you to that project page, where you can see photos of all the socks. It was just so much fun to feel that I could actually spend some money on this, and I have plenty left for buying yarn too! I think I've more or less decided which shawls to knit during the 10 shawls in 2010 challenge (I'm aware that this list very possibly will change during the year), and I can make nine of them from stash if I want to! I think I'll try to do this, I really need to use up my stash, but for the tenth shawl I'll try to find some really luxurious yarn. I'm also planning to make a shawl that needs to be knitted in sport weight or thicker, and I'm thinking I might buy some Drops Alpaca yarn for this. I knitted the huge purple shawl in this, and it is so soft and warm. I use it practically every day now that it's so cold!

Ok, now I really HAVE to go pack for the trip to Borås tomorrow. And I also have to wrap all the Christmas presents tonight...

Happy Hollidays to everyone!

/ Jenny

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Nalamienea said...

oo! How fun is THAT!? Merry Christmas ! :)