Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a great New Year's eve, with lots of celebrating and fireworks :) Me and Thomas just hung out, had great food and watched some TV. Thomas played some TV-games as well, which left me free to knit a lot. Before the stroke of midnight I completed 1.5 sleeves on the green bolero, and it looks very nice! Unfortunatley I've cast off too tightly at the waist, so I need to rip uot the last few rows there and re-knit them. But I'll do that once I'm done with both sleeves. And as it is now 2010, I'm afraid that this one will go into hibernation for a while... Although since it's just stockinette, I think I'll bring it to work and knit on it during the breaks, as it is really an easy, social knit.

And you guessed right: I've finally started a new lace knit! At about 00.10 last night I cast on for the Aeolian shawl again, and I've already finished the first chart!

It feels almost indicently good to knit lace again, I've really missed it. I put it in one of my new project holders, look:

And today I think I'll cast on for the September shawl as well (all proceeds from this pattern goes to a charity, Global Knits, that work at putting clothes on orphans)! Oh, 2010 already feels so good!

One of the swedish TV channels, Channel 9, is having a Mad Men Marathon this weekend, and they're showing all of season one and two! I'm guessing that they'll start airing season three soon, which makes me really happy as I love this show. It suits me perfectly to just park my but in the sofa in front of the TV the rest of the weekend and just knit away! Thomas is starting to feel a bit better, and I only have a slightly runny nose, so maybe we're done with the colds for now too.

And as I promised you last time, a little yarn pr0n: I photographed all of my lace yarns. Here is the bag, filled almost to the brim:

And this is the contents:

I skeined all of them except the green ones from Garnpaletten. That yarn is going to become the Heere Be Dragone shawl, but I'm not sure if I'll actually get to it this year either. The pattern is REALLY complicated, and I think I need a bit more experience before tackling this one. I forsee that it will take a really long time too, so maybe I shouldn't try to include it in my ten. Maybe at the end of the year.

I also found this pattern the other day: The Glimfeather shawl. I really like that it's not lace, and it's knitted in a worsted/chunky yarn. And I realized that I might have a perfect yarn combo for it! Do you remember that I started a tunic this summer? I had planned to make a beautiful, thin summer tunic, but it was knitted in Drops Alpaca and Drops Cotton Viscose held together, witch made it very thick and heavy.

I frogged it and put it out of my mind. But these yarns together made incredibly beautiful cable definitions, and I thought I might make a shawl out of it! I'm not sure if I'll include it in my 10 this year, but if I'm lucky I can finish the ten early and start this one next winter. I'll have to swatch to see if I get at least a proximity to gauge though.

Now I'll continue with my Aeolian. I'll see you soon!

/ Jenny


Kate said...

Hi Jenny! I'm so excited to see this whole 10 shawls thing! It's such a big undertaking! Will you let me know what you are planning on making in February and March? I'd love to do a knit-along!

Take care!

Kate said...

Why don't you send me an email? I'm lazykatecreates(at)gmail dot com

Take care!

I think you have one of the best blogs, and would love to chat!