Thursday, January 28, 2010

New FO for you!

Yup, I FINALLY finished my green bolero last night! I started this one in October, and then ran out of yarn. I've been using Symfoni from Lövegarn, and it turned out that the colourway I was using was kind of hard to find (I had bought my four skeins at the Sewing festival real cheap, and couldn't find the store online). At last I found a british site, and ordered two more skeins. This was during the postal strike in Britain last fall, so it took about three weeks to arrive! And when I finally got it, I noticed that the bolero was looking a bit big. So I frogged it, and started over. And then Christmas got closer, and I found lots of other projects that were much more fun to work on. But now I've picked it up again, and yesterday I finished it!

As you can see, it turned out a cardigan instead of a bolero. I had enough yarn, and I like this longer version better. And I LOVE the buttons from KnitPick's! I think they work great with all the green. I'm really happy with this, as I haven't used any real pattern. I followed some of the directions from Tant Kofta's blog, but most of it is from my own head. I started by making a swatch, and counting st/inch. Then I measured around my neck to determine how many st to cast on, and then it was just a matter of kntting and increasing as I went. When I came down past the shoulders, I just put the st for the arms on waste yarn, and knitted the body as one piece. It turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself!

It isn't blocked yet, and the colour is very yellow-ish due to the crappy flash photo, but I'm going to block it tonight, and hopefully I can show you some daylight photos this weekend. It really sucks to be at work during all the light hours of the day, it's just impossible to get good photos! Not to mention the constant snow fall we've had for two days now, the sky is completely grey :(

I also started a new mini-project last night. Since I absolutely love the Chili Gredelin yarn that I used for my Aeolian, I absolutely didn't want to waste the 16 grams or so I have left. So I've decided to make another pair of fingerless mittens of this yarn too. So far I've done about 1 cm on the first, but I'm getting there! It should be quite a fast knit, even though I'm knitting on 2 mm needles :)

And can I tell you that I love all of you readers! It's so much fun to get so many comments, and I get so many great project ideas from all of your favourite finished objects. So much fun!

Oh, and the Adventures in Lace KAL now has an official Ravelry group! Kate set it up yesterday (I think), and we already have 35 members! This is going to be so much fun, I can't wait til February 1st! Maybe I should try to finish my Echo Flower shawl til then?

FInally I just want to say something about all the comments I've gotten on my decision to not see Avatar at the cinema (great comments, thank you so much for taking an interest!). I should have added that this little tiny town I live in (we have about 120 000 residents) only have one cinema, and it's not equipped for 3D. So even if I see Avatar there, I won't get the 3D version. Which SUCKS! So we're going to wait for it to come out on DVD. Thomas subscribes to a gamer magazine, and they had reviewed the Avatar game this month. It only got 4/10! So hopefully the movie is better!

Now I'll get back to work, I really have to finish these articles soon!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

It's gorgeous and I am totally in love with your knitpicks buttons!!! I'm very impressed that you came up with the pattern yourself too! AFter this cardigan is done for me I think I'm going to be ready to tackle a sweater/cardigan that's knit from the neck down and give that a try!

and I wanna see your fingerless gloves too! You will be modeling both this weekend, right? :)

Jane said...

Lovely sweater and neat buttons!

goldenbird said...

Your cardigan/bolero looks good, and the buttons are so interesting. I've never knit an adult-sized sweater, so it's impressive that you both finished one and creted your own pattern.

Kate said...

I love this sweater! The color is just great, and it looks like the buttons work well with it!