Sunday, January 10, 2010

First shawl - check!

Yes, it's true! I'm done witht he first of my 10 shawls in 2010. Anna was here the whole day, and just before dinner I finished it. It's blocking now, and hopefully it will be dry tomorrow so I can wear it to work.

Jenny's September Shawl

I LOVE it, the yarn was a dream to work with. It looks very dark in the photo because it's wet, but the colours really pop. I'll try to get a better photo of me wearing it tomorrow! I used exactly 78 g (thank you, new kitchen scales!) and I decided to knit some super-fast, stockinette half-mittens with the rest of it. I'm almost done with the first one, but it's so dark here right now that it's hard to get a decent photo of it. I'll try to show them to you tomorrow too.

I went to my first knitting café this year this Friday, and it was SO much FUN! I've missed it during the holidays, and I could tell I wasn't the only one. There were a lot of us, and we were all very excited to be there. I knit a lot on the September shawl there, and I have to say that the pattern is great. It's both written and charted directions, for those of you who don't like either one (I'm a chart girl myself, I don't think I could follow the written instructions without loosing my place), and it's easy at the same time as it's beautiful. I'm super-pleased that I bought this pattern!

And this past Thursday one of my books arrived in the mail as well! I got my copy of Selbuvotter, by Terry Shea. This book is so cool, with lots and lots of gloves and mittens. Can you tell that I love these Norse designs?! Once my KnitPick's order arrives I'll get cracking on some mittens and gloves!

And as I mentioned, Anna has been here practically the whole day today. We've knitted and chatted a lot, and we watched Amelie from Montmartre, which I hadn't seen before. It was a super cute movie, although it was a bit challenging to knit while I was watching, as I had to read the subtitles the whole time. I don't know any french, so I could hardly take my eyes off the TV screen even for a second! But I worked on the stockinette half-mitts, and they're not very demanding, concentration-wise. It's always fun to hang out with Anna, we always have so much fun. She had gotten some KoolAid in a swap a while ago, so we'e now planning some more yarn-dyeing.

This past Thursday I also went with my sister to one of the local yarn stores (LYS) in town, to buy yarn for a hat she had planned to knit. And I didn't buy any yarn! Yay me! I did manage to pcik up some new pins though, for blocking, but I actually needed those. Of course I couldn't resist when the pins were extra lovely either, one box is filled with metallic-coloured ones, and the other one is filled with white pearl-coloured, tear-shaped ones. They are currently working hard in keeping the September shawl in place :)

And of course I haven't found the time to look at the spinning wheel this weekend! Yesterday me and Thomas went grocery-shopping, and we also went around a lot of other stores picking up different supplies. I bought some plastic zip-lock bags to keep my yarn in, and I've now sealed all of it away in about 50 bags, I think... I keep the small bags in my big, patterned, plastic ones I bought a while ago. But this took up a lot of my day, and then we had to cook and clean a bit too, so then Saturday was gone. And today has been a real knitting day, which was just what I needed, but alas - no spinning. Maybe next weekend?

Now that I'm done with the September shawl I need to cast on for something else. I think I've decided on the Echo Flower shawl, and I'm going to make it in the lovely KnitPicks Shadow Kettle Dyed, in colourway Wine. It's hard to choose from the queue though, as I have SO many gorgeous patterns lined up! But right now, I thin I'll choose from the ones I've paired up with a yarn. I'm trying to knit from my stash as much as I can (and I'm betting Nalamienea is killing herself laughing right now - she's seen the order I've placed at KnitPicks...), and I really need to get going on my sock yarn stash soon! There are just too many lovely sock patterns out there!

And finally: I think this is my ninety-first post, which means I'll soon be up to a hundred. And then it will be competition time! There will of course be some scrumptious fiber prizes, so stay tuned!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

Oh Jenny, it's been so so nice getting to know you too! I would love to talk to you live some time! Do you happen to have a set of headphones? Maybe we can set up a time that we can each talk/knit simultaneously on Skype! (skype is a free program you can download for talking over the internet on headphones, in case you haven't heard of it).

I am so so so jealous that you have a great knitting friend! I haven't been able to find anyone that will just sit and knit with me. :)

Nalamienea said...

oh!! And your first shawl is so absolutely gorgeous I want to DIE! It'll be nice to see it on you and without it being wet so that I get to see the colours. :)

and can I borrow that book some time? hehe

Kate said...

Jenny! What an amazing shawl! You really are so talented! I love how the ends of the shawl curl up- it's just a work of art!

Amelie is one of my favorite movies! I own a copy of it, and watch it often.

I just posted an invite to a lace KAL, so hopefully you'll have some company in your quest to knit lace!