Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lots of random musings

Hi all! I hope you're having a great weekend! I've had a really relaxing weekend, with lots of fiber-related stuff happening. On Friday afternoon I first went to the post office to pick up my last Christmas book. I present to you: The Enchanted Sole, by Janel Laidman.

This is of course a sock book, and all the patterns are based on different fairytales and stories. I love it, and the socks are all so beautiful! I'll have to finish my Cookie A. socks soon, so I can cast on for another pair from this book :)

Then on Friday night I went to a knitting café, and although I didn't have time to stay very long, it was so nice to meet all the knitters and just chat for a while. I love having a knitting café on Fridays, it just feels like you get to wind down a bit after a whole work week.

And yesterday me, Ulrika and Lovisa went to Anna for a wine, cheese and knit-night. We had so much fun, and we ate so much cheese it was practically coming out of our ears :) And our Fairy Godmother Ulrika had brought some yarns that she was never going to use, and gave it to us other three to split. So I went home with two wonderful sock skeins:

Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock

Aren't they lovely! I'm thinking I should at least be able to make a small pair of socks from the Lorna's Laces skein, and the Cherry Tree Hill skein is 100 g so that should be enough for a bigger pair. Ulrika is just the sweetest thing, she very often bring us gifts like these :) We are just so grateful!

We've had a real cold spell here for a few days, but amazingly the sun has actually shown itself for a short time every day. So yesterday I went outside and got some photos of the Aeolian shawl in natural daylight! Finally! I just love this shawl so much, and I've almost finished the fingerless gloves as well. So next week I'll get to wear the set together.

On a more boring note: I'm not all that happy with the green cardigan after all. First of all I've made the collar a bit too wide, but if this waqs the only probem I think I could have lived with it. But it's just so soft that it's sort of shape-less, so when I wear it without buttoning it, it just flops around. And I think I've added too few buttons, as there are huge gaps between them when I close it. I got a tip that you can make a single chain of crochet on the inside of the button bands, to add some strenght to it, so I think I'll try that. Otherwise I think I might have to frog it. Again. Maybe I should just work from a pattern instead ? Here it is during blocking:

I'll get back to you and tell you what I decide, ok?

And finally: Tonight I close the competition, so tomorrow I'll draw a winner and tell you about it. Very exciting!

/ Jenny


Kate said...

Your shawl is just so beautiful! You must be so proud!

I'm sorry to hear about the sweater. There's nothing more frustrating than knitting an entire sweater, only to realize that it's not just what you wanted. I bet crocheting around the edges, and maybe the seams, could give you the structure that you need. I hope all goes well!

Nalamienea said...

Such a pretty shawl for such a pretty lady! :) I'm sorry to hear about your Cardigan too. I hope your modifications work out. :)

Kate said...

What a cool theme for a sock book. And what lovely sock yarn you got!

Sorry about the sweater :( I would second Kate's suggestion that crocheting around the seams might help add structure. It's such a nice color, too!

goldenbird said...

Your shawl is beautiful. Love the sock book, it looks fun.