Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mail call!

I've gotten two packages in the mail this week! None of them were surprises, as I had ordered them myself, but it's fun none the less. The first one came from Panduro, a Hobby and Crafts shop here in Sweden. I ordered some needle threaders, as I always seem to break mine and I have a lot of beads left on the Aeolian, so they arrived. Unfortunately, Panduro's policy is that you have to order for more than €20 for them to ship, so I added a lot of beads to the order as well.

White, mother-of-pearl beads (fake, of course, I'm not made of money):

Pink beads and more pink beads:

Orange/amber beads:

Black beads:

Green beads:

Now I can put beads on all my projects! Not that I want to, but I could if I wanted to :) The only problem is that they are a bit small, but I think I can work around that.

The next package was a new one from Chili Gredelin! This past Wednesday she celebrated the day of single-coloured yarns in her store, and I couldn't resist! I bought one skein of brown Madame (55 % silk/45 % cashmere), the colourway is called Hazelnut:

And two skeins of Simone (70 % baby alpaca/30 % silk) in colourway Kermit (you see why!):

I just love her yarns, if I could afford it I would only use yarn from her store. Unfortunately, I can't, and as I splurged and bought these, I've decided to skip the sewing festival in February. The festival will take place this fall again, in Borås where my parents live, and I'll just go then instead. I still don't know if I have any job after March, so I think I should start saving money :) Well, we are saving, a lot, for a planned trip to Japan in a year or so, but it would feel a bit sad to start using those money for everyday life stuff. And let's face it: I really don't need any more yarn!

And let's all head over to Kate's blog and oooh and aaah over her wedding dress photos! She's getting married, and she's chosen to share her wedding planning with us (which I love, it takes me back to my wedding 2.5 years ago!). I wish I could fit in my wedding dress today, but thanks to the anti-depressants I've gained about 10 kg since last spring, so there's no chance of that happening any time soon :) But if you want to see the dress, and a lot of other photos, you can see them on the Flickr page my brother-in-law set up!

Yesterday Thomas went on a day-trip with his work, which meant that I had the apartment all to myself for the whole day. I spent it all just knitting and surfing, and I watched some movies as well. It was exactly what I needed, and Hobbe was super cuddly and lay with me the whole day.

Thomas came home in the evening, and we had a nice Saturday night just hanging out in front of the TV. Today it's cleaning time, and I'm right now doing the laundry, while Thomas is cleaning the kitchen. Hopefully we'll be done by tonight, so we can watch some TV and eat some nice cheese that Thomas got from his work for the Holidays. Yum!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

sounds like a good day :) I'm going to hop over to look at wedding dress photos... both of yours! Oh how I love wedding pictures.

Kate said...

Look at all those beads! Holy crap, Jenny! You wont have to restock for years! And I love the brown cashmere/silk- it's just beautiful yarn!

Thanks for mentioning my dress pics- I'm just so damn happy with that dress! How long did you have the dress before you get married? I feel like I'm going to have to wear the dress around the house before the wedding- it's too pretty to keep in the closet until October!

I'm off to check out your wedding pics right now!

ImplausibleYarn said...

I can see why you would want to knit with only those yarns, they are beautiful!
Also on my way to check out your wedding photos!