Friday, January 15, 2010

Soon I get to go to a knitting café!

But first I thought I would share a small update with you: I'm now on Flickr! I know that my brother-in-law set up a Flickr account so that all our wedding guests could view some of our photos, but I've never used it personally before. But Kate set up a Flickr group for the Adventures in Lace KAL, so of course I had to join! I only have the cheapo-version, so I can't upload very many photos each month, but I've selected a few goodies to start with. I think all of them have been shown here on the blog as well, but if you want to see them all in one go, feel free to have a look around!

This morning I went to listen to a dissertation that a study-budy from my time at the university was having. She was so calm and very good, and I think she could answer almost everything that the opponent threw at her. It was a very good dissertation, plus I got to knit for 2.5 hours! So now I've made 5 repeats of the first chart on the Echo FLower shawl, and can I tell you I LOVE this pattern! I think I told you yesterday, but it bears repeating. If you haven't seen this one, go have a look and knit it for yourself!

And in an hour, I get to go into town to meet up with all the other knitters! It's just so much fun to have a knitting group, and I've really made some new friends there (especially Anna, but Lovisa is getting closer and closer too...:) It's such a relaxed and mixed group, you really get all kinds of people in a group like that. The only thing all of us have in common is the love of fiber :)

/ Jenny


Kate said...

I love that shawl pattern! I just took a closer look, and there are nupps all over it! What a great pattern- and I think the yarn you picked out is perfect for the pattern! Will we get a progress shot soon?!

I'm so glad that you have a flickr account! I think that we'll have a lot of fun with that aspect of the KAL!

Have fun at the knitting group!

Anonymous said...

I have to go join flickr now, too. I'll get on that...haha!