Monday, January 11, 2010

Super-fast project!

I finished my half-mitts today, they were really a super-fast knit! I cast on yesterday afternoon, and finished the first one before I went to bed. I cast on for the second one when I got off work today, and finished it about an hour ago (it's 22.00 now). They are just stockinette tubes with a thumb gusset and ribbing at both ends. I also added the scalloped edging that I used on the September shawl at the wrist end of the mitts, so they completely match the shawl now.

I think they're pretty cute, and they work perfectly. I've tried computering with them on, which was very nice as I'm always cold about my hands when I sit at the computer. And I tried knitting with them on, and that also works fine, although I have to admit it got a bit warm :)

I haven't gotten around to taking photos of me wearing the whole set, but here is a better photo of the shawl, after it had finished blocking. I like it a lot!

Other than that, nothing much has happend since yesterday, I just wanted to show you the mitts!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

What do you mean "nothing much happened since yesterday". You finished a pair of fingerless gloves!! And I LOVE them! :D

Kate said...

Love love love! You are such a speedy knitter, Miss Jenny! Those are such sweet little mitts!

It looks like we're going to have a KAL- 10 people in all! Isn't that incredible?! I'll post about it tonight!

Anonymous said...

Those look so pretty! I love that the shawl and the mitts match like that. I love fingerless mitts, too b/c you can do so much with them on. Sadly all my LYS friends think fingerless mitts are silly b/c they don't keep your fingers warm, haha!