Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Work in progress

Hi again!

I managed to get some photos of my shawl in progress. I read a discussion on Ravelry about different tips and resources related to knitting and crocheting, and someone suggested using bits of cut drinking-straws as very inexpensive stitch-markers. I tried it yesterday, and I found it worked fairly well. The one drawback is that the stitches have a slight tendency to slipping over the markers, so I think I might need somewhat larger markers after all. But the pieces of straw work for now.

I also started reading my two books on crocheting today (I picked the indroduction one up from my sister's earlier today), and made my first attempt at knitting a ball-like thingy (it was actually the "how-to" description in the Crochet amigurumi-book) in a very cheap acrylic yarn I had in my stach. And it was a complete success, I couldn't be more satisfied with it! So now I'll have to find some more, similar yarn that is not minty green, to make all of the little animals in the book! And this fall there will be a swedish translation of this book, which tells you how to crochet zombies, robots, ninjas and other similar stuff! Talk about picture perfect for me! So I guess those will be my winter crochet projects.

I'll leave you with a photo of the finished potpuri bag I embroidered a while ago. I bought a tube of nice-smelling foot-cream and put in it, and gave it as a gift for my grandmother. She loved it and said she would put the bag up on the wall, so I'm pleased. I don't know that I will make any more embroidery-only projects, but now I know how to make the cross-stitches if I want to embroider something onto a knitted project. A friend of mine embroidered space invaders on a pair of dish towels, and a similar TV-game related project might suit me as well. That is the major advantage with the old-school TV-games: All the characters and stuff are very pixelated, which translates well into both embroidery and knitting. Here is the photo of the finished bag.

/ Jenny

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