Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Pictures

Hello again!

I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of some of my previous work. I have also made some scarves, which was how I got into knitting in the first place, but since I've learned about the magic of blocking, I realise that these too have to go on the blocking board. So more pictures of them later on.

This is my first attempt at knitting with more than two colours. I think that the yarn running on the back side of the knit is a bit tight, because I have to pull the sweater down on my shoulders quite often, but I'm still fairly happy with it. It's knitted in 100 % superwash wool, on round needle size 3 mm and 4 mm.

The next project I finished that I'm very happy with is these over-knee socks. They are also made from the same yarn as the black sweater and VERY warm! They are knitted using dpn's size 3.5 mm. Unfortunately, I finished them just when spring came around, so I have only used them once so far. But when winter rolls araound again I expect to use them a lot.

The last finished object I have is this turquoise sweater I made this spring as well. It's also done in 100 % wool, with round needle size 8 mm, but this is a thicker yarn and worked like a dream! I finished the whole sweater in just over a week, it went so fast! And I love the colour, so hopefully I will get to wear it a lot this winter.

Finally I have the green cardigan/bolero I made, which was the first piece of clothing I attempted. It's still not completely dry on the blocking board, so I will post before and after pictures when it's done.

Also: It's not easy to get any reading done when you get this kind of help!

Now, I'll continue on my shawl.


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Sanna said...

Yay! fanally pictures! Spelling check, second word! hehe