Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not much to report

I'm enjoying the vacation too much, I think. The apartment is in desperate need of some cleaning, and I have planned to block that old green cardigan for days now. I just can't seem to get around to it, it's so much more fun to just knit!

I have made about 25 cm on the shawl, and it's fun! I think it looks good too, especially since I've had to frog a lot. The first two times were because I made some mistakes in the pattern, and the last time was because I had placed the beads in a way i was not completely satisfied with. So I thought "You know you will be irritated about it forever if you don't change it", so I frogged it again. Thank god for lifelines! I make sure to put one in after each repeat in the pattern is completed, and I always have at least two at separate places at a time.

I also found out yesterday that the pattern is too complicated to make while watching TV. So I think I have to find something easier to knit as a "relaxation knit". I think I might make some socks, I have so much leftover yarn that just screams at me to be used. So I think at least some of it will transfrom itself into socks.

Since i haven't found any knitting to inspire me for all of spring (until now, with the shawl), I have amused myself with knitting little swatches with patterns from one of my instruction books, it's the swedish translation of The Knitter's Handbook, by Eleanor Van Zandt. So far I think I've made over 50 swatches, and today I sat outside in the sun and made some more. One day I will place them all on the floor and photograph, I think that would look kind of funny. They are made in some cheap, acrylic yarn I bought in a warehouse, and I haven't blocked any of them, but maybe I will try that as well some day. More on that later.

Now I'll knit some more on my shawl, before I get too tired!

/ Jenny


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Knitting swatches is a great way to learn new stitches! That's how I taught myself different stitches, cables and lace work!