Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stuffed animals

I haven't really knitted anything more since yesterday, but I got inspired by my crochet success. So I proceeded with the little ball I made yesterday, which was actually a head, and made this!

The photo is a little dark, but it's an amigurumi cat, and I actually think it's pretty neat. I didn't have any cotton or similar to stuff it with, so right now it's stuffed with more yarn (a cheap grey wool yarn I had in my stach), but I think it looks ok anyway. It wasn't at all hard to do, so I think I will have to buy more acrylic yarn to make the rest of the figures in the book.

When I took the photo of the cat, I remembered that I had actually made a stuffed toy before. When I just started knitting, I found a kit for knitting Shaun the Sheep, from Wallace and Gromit, and it turned out ok. It is a little bit floppy, but for being practically my first knitting object, I'm quite proud.

Now, I'll continue with the shawl. I only have little over a week left of my vacation, so I have to finish it before I start working again, otherwise I think I will never finish it.

/ Jenny


Ballee said...

Hi, Was the sheep your first knittingproject?!?!?
That's great!

Groeten uit Rotterdam

Anonymous said...

Shaba Jennie, hör e lagget? (that's all my - phonetical - Swedish knowledge ;o/ )

I love the sheep! Too cute, really!

Great to see your enthausiasm on your blog!

Keep up the good work, and CU on Ravelry & RAK Europe.

(Bird's Eye Chili)
from Belgium