Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Just a short one


I have now blocked the green cardigan/bolero with cabeling... It was NOT a sucess, but I've figured out why. Since it was one of my very first knitted piece of clothing, I was still figuring stuff out (I still do,..), I have done the cast-off (avmaskning, in swedish) too tight. So that end of the cardigan could not be stretched, and since the cardigan was knitted length-wise (from right to left, that is), I would have ended up with one short and one long end of the cardigan if I had stretched it as much as the other end had permitted. Needless to say, it will stay a bolero, and I actually think it is quite cute that way anyhow. I will take some pictures on it later on and post them.

Yesterday I also got a very nice text message on my phone: My best friend had just delivered her third son! She lives in the same town as my parents (Borås), so we rushed down there today, and this is where I will be the rest of the weekend. I'm staying at my parents' with Hobbe, and they have the SLOWEST internet connection, so I might not post anything for a couple of days. But I will be back next week!

Now I will go see if Hobbe has ventured out from under the bed yet (he becomes completely shy when he comes here). See you in a couple of days!

/ Jenny

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