Friday, July 10, 2009

New technique

Hello again!

I am still working on my shawl. The pattern I'm making is to be repeated 18 times, and I think I've done 10 or 11. And since the shawl is getting wider with every row, it takes longer and longer to finish each row. But it's still fun, although very demanding concentration-wise. I'm not very social when I knit on this project. But I learned a new technique yesterday as well (well, new to me): The Russian Join. It's a method to fuse to ends of yarn together, and it worked like a charm! I couldn't tell where the merging was after I had knitted it in, very nice for my lace pattern!

Today I went and bought some very cheap yarn at an outlet in Borås (Eko-hallen), and I'm planning on making some socks. I also bought some cheap stitch-markers, and some crocheting-needles, so I have something to practice with when I finally learn. I got a text message notification that my books I ordered have arrived at the post-office, but unfortunately I ordered them in my husband's name. And he has decided to stay with his family for another week in Borås, so I won't get at them until next Friday! Aargh!

I also went and visited my friend and her baby today, and he was really super-cute. I often tell her that she's lucky to have such cute sons (the two older are 6 1/2 and 4), so I don't have to lie when I tell her that... But they are really adorable, and it's always fun to visit them and play for a while. It's a perfect child-dosage for me, to see them for a couple of hours each time. But I think I may have to knit something for the little guy soon, probably something with heavy metal or TV-games.

Now, I'll knit for the rest of the evening. Don't you just love being off work!

/ Jenny

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