Thursday, July 02, 2009

My first attempt at embroidering

Hello again!

I have kick-started our camera, so now I've taken a few photos. The first is of my own set of KnitPicks, and even though they look almost as the picture at KnitPicks own store, I wanted to take one of my own. I'm just that much in love with them.

Last evening I made my first attempt at embroidery. I think it went rather well, but I'm not even half-finished yet. I included the picture of the finished potpuri bag, that I'm working from.

Also, last night I tried my blocking experiment, and it was a complete success! I made the test patch for the shawl I'm about to make, and as you can see in the before-picture, it was a frumpy little thing, but I nailed it to my new blocking-board and it went very flat. The figure shows before on the left, during in the middle, and after on the right. Next time I will try to include a ruler of some kind, so you can see the difference in size. These photos are taken with my phone, so the quality is not great, but I think you get the picture (no pun intended).

A couple of years ago I knitted a cardigan with cabeling on, in the same kind of alpaca yarn that I'm going to use for the shawl. I thought that I knitted very tight, becouse the cardigan actually came out a bolero... Bu now I realise that I just need to block it! So I think I will try that tonight, and see if I can remember to take before-pictures as well, so You'll have something to laugh about.

I started on my drops shawl yeasterday as well, but I only got about 4 cm (it starts at the bottom, at the tip of the tirangle), before I had to frog it. I'd read the pattern all wrong, but since I realised what I'd done wrong, I started again. The second time I got about 5 cm done when I saw that I had made something else wrong, as well as frogotten some beads, so I frogged it again. So I think I will start again tonight, when it cools down a bit.

Since my thesis is actually done, I think I will go outside in the sunshine for a while!

/ Jenny


Sanna said...

Yey! bok klar! Jag lyckas inte få dina fina bilder att bli större... dom är klickbara, men det händer inget. Kanske inte meningen! Bra att blocken fungerade! Smart syster! Nu ska vi åka och kvällsbada, vi är varma! Hörs!

(äntligen fick du din kommentar!)

Knit Witch said...

I LOVE my knit picks needles!! Great job on the blocking!