Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A quick update

I haven't got any new pictures today, I got home so late that the sunlight was gone when I remembered that I had some progress to document. I've knitted some on the tunic, and I've made two half socks. I decided to frog one of the socks I started, the short ancle one, in the cotton and milk fiber yarn. The yarn feels a bit harsh, and has absolutely no give, so it wasn't very comfortable to knit with. So when I saw that the socks were getting about two sizes too large for my small feet, I decided that I need to find something else to do with that yarn. I might do the cables for the needle storage unit in it, we'll see.

The other pair of socks I'm doing in the self-striping yarn are coming along very nicely. The yarn is very thin, and it looks absolutely stunning on the 2 mm needles. I also found out today that it is probably not 100 % cotton as I thought, but rather 100 % wool... Talk about not knowing your fibers!

I also started a third (well, now it's the second) pair of socks, thicker ones on size 5 mm needles, in a 50 % superwash wool/50% acrylic yarn, and they are also turning out great! These will be absolutely smashing when winter rolls around, as I am one of those who's always cold around hands and feet. I'll post pictures of both sock types as soon as one of each is finished (which should be sometime tomorrow, I think.

I went to my second knitting café tonight as well, this time it was Linkmaskornas meeting at the yarn store Garnverket. It was really nice, and I felt very welcome immediately. I think we were somewhere around 10 people, and next time I'll ask if I can take some pictures to post here. I think it looks so cozy and homely when so many people knit together. This is where I learned that my yarn is probably wool, since one of the participants thought she recognized it (I have lost the label, and I really had no idea what it was). Tomorrow there is another knitting café at the museum, and on friday Linköping knitters have their knitting café at Wayne's coffee. Much knitting this week!

And the weekend after this, 29-30/8, will be superbusy! On Saturday there is a knitting festival in town, with lots of fun activities such as fashion shows, workshops on different techniques, and some book sells as well. The hard part will be deciding which events to visit, as some of them take place simultaneously at different locations.

Then on Sunday there is a crafts fair in Gamla Linköping (Old Linköping, a part of town where old bouldings and shops and streets have been restored), and I'm guessing tere will be a lot of yarn-related booths. Linköping Knitters will have a booth where you can come and try some knitting and other stuff. My mother in law is thinking about coming here for a visit that weekend, and I really hope she does! I haven't seen her for a while, so it would be really nice to have her here on a weekend when I don't have to work or do anything else but hang out with her. My husband said that his 13 year-old brother might accompany their mother and also come visit, which would be great because then the boys can hang out together while me and mother-in-law go yarn-shopping! Thank god that the pay-check comes before that weekend!

Now I'll go watch a thai horror flick on TV.

/ Jenny

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