Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's official: I LOVE socks!

So, I've finally finished the lace socks (pattern can be found here), done in 100 % milk fiber from Viking of Norway yarn. It is an absolutely amazing yarn, soooo soft and cuddly. And the best part is that the socks only required 1 skein, so I have a full skein left! I think I will have to buy a sock book, to get some other patterns. Another perk is that I'm not sure if I have any shoes that will work with these socks, so I probably need to buy a new pair for this autumn. Yeah, I really need more shoes...

Since it was so much fun to knit these socks, and they only took a week, I will definitely make more socks eventually. I have already decided that these two skeins that I bought a week ago at the grand re-opening of Garn Netto in Linköping will become two pairs as well.

However, I have decided that I actually don't like having more than one projects going at a time. I feel like a mule between two haytaps: I can't chose which project to work on as I want to finish all! So now I'll focus my energy on my cabled tunic, and my next projects will probably be something from the "Sticka klassiskt" book I bought at the beginning of summer. I'm at least making some progress with the tunic, it's about 25 cm long now, I think.

Today I organized my stash on my ravelry page. I entered all my stash skeins, and even took photos of all of the skeins, so now I at least know what I have in my drawers. I am lousy at saving labels for the skeins, so a lot of them are now labelled "Mystery skeins", since I have no idea what they are. I think I told you that I joined in in a random acts of kindness-group on ravelry, and yesterday I sent out three packages with acrylics and two with beads to different people all over Europe. I could only send out the yarns that I knew were acrylics, and I actually saved some that I know I'm going to use, but the yarn drawer was actually considerably emptier afterwards. And I know that I have two packages coming my way, but since I didn't wish for any yarn, I think it's only little things in the packages, like stitch markers and such.

Ravelry is thus very good for many things! I organized my needles the other day, and you can print out the little table with all your needles on it and bring with you when you go yarn-shopping, so that you don't buy any duplicates (which I've done many times before). That is a great idea! And now I can keep tabs of all my yarn as well, and if I only remember to enter every new purchase, losing labels won't be an issue any more!

Now I think I will do some actual knitting, which I haven't sdone so far today.

/ Jenny

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kkhymn said...

Jenny - I am a new sock knitter too and am now addicted. But, I just made my basic sock and have yet to make such a pretty pattern! So impressed! I will connect with you on Ravelry and on my blog too! Have a wonderful time loving your socks.