Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a short one

Ok, so my intention of not starting any more projects lasted about... say, two hours? I began two pairs of new socks yesterday, one on size 2 mm double pointed needles in my 100 % cotton in blue, green, yellow and red. They are turning out very nicely, the yarn is selfstriping and works terrific for socks! The other pair is on size 2.5 mm dpn's in my milk and honey (70 % cotton,, 30 % milk fiber) yarn in green and purple. I suppose it will also be self-striping, but so far I've only managed to knit with the green parts. It is very soft though, but I'm not sure that the one skein I have will last me for two socks, since the yardage isn't too great. Maybe I will have to buy another skein eventually...

Today I'm going to the printer's to pick up my thesis books. Very exciting! But first, back to work.

/ Jenny

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