Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New knitting books

Well, it looks like I'm finally over the stomach bug. It's been a real trial, I've been sick for five whole days, where my stomach just wouldn't keep anything in. But yesterday I actually got to keep everything I ate, even though it wasn't much, and today it's even better. So today I finally have enough energy to blog again! The worst part is that I haven't been able to finish up the last work I had left, so I'll have to sacrifice a few vacation days next week and go tot he office to finish up. But I think I'll survive that too :)

Yesterday, I took a short trip to the post office, and picked up a book package that was waiting for me. As I get my last paycheck at the end of this month, I've sort of taken every chance I get to actually buy me some stuff now, as I won't be able to do it so much in the coming months. What do you mean, save money? Anyway, this is what the package contained:

Spin Control, by Amy King

Knitting Lingerie Style, by Joan McGowan-Michael

Sensual Knits, by Yahaira Ferreira

Knitting on the Edge, by Nicky Epstein

Magnificent Mittens and Socks, by Anna Zilboorg

I really like all of them, but I think the Anna Zilboorg one is my favourite. I really love making colourwork mittens and gloves, and now I have a HUGE pattern stash for these (you know, I have both the Rauma Selbustrikk booklet and the Selbuvotter book too).

The knitting has been going a bit slow these past few days, as I've been feeling to crummy to knit. But yesterday I got going on the Percy shawl again, and I'm halfway through the last repeat of chart B, and then I just have the edge chart left. That one only has patterning on the right side rows, and the wrong side rows are only purls, so I think it will go pretty fast. It's going to be fairly huge though!

Oh, and I've finally gotten around to blocking my Cat mittens! They should be dry by tonight, so I can wear them this week. We're actually having a lot of thawing going around here right now, and as I've been sick I haven't really gotten a chance to enjoy the extremely sunny days. Soon all the snow will be gone too! But hopefully I'll get to use the mittens some before it gets too warm anyway, and as I'm always having cold hands I don't foresee any problems with this. I'll show them to you after the weekend :)

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my parents for a few days, so I'm packing up my knitting and Hobbe. I'll be there until Tuesday next week, I think, as Thomas is already in Borås with his work. His younger brother turns 20 on Monday, and his relatives haven't had a chance to celebrate his 30th birthday either, so I think this weekend will consist of lots of relatives and cake :).

Unfortunately, my parents only have REALLY slow, crummy internet, so I'll probably not post anything until I get back to Linköping again. And now that I'm off work, I'm going to have a real go at learning how to use the spinning wheel! Yay!

/ Jenny


Mary LeMaster said...

What a wonderful bunch of Books. Enjoy your weeked away!

goldenbird said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you enjoy your time at your parent's house. Looks like you'll have lots of reading material!

Nalamienea said...

great looking books!! I totally wish I could see that "knitting on the edge" one! It's on my list. :) Maybe you'll be up for some skyping soon? Have fun with your parents!

Virginia said...

I hope you're feeling back to 100% soon. Love those books. Have been wanting Yahira's for a while. :)

Kate said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! You got some great books! I've been wanting Spin Control for a while now- Amy King taught me how to spin!