Thursday, March 25, 2010

Found the camera!

You won't believe where it was: It had fallen out of my suitcase as I unpacked my clothes, so today when I looked, it just lay on the floor next to the suitcase... Good thing that I looked so thoroughly for it, right?

Anyhow, now I can show you all the yarn I got last weekend!

Drops Alpaca (100 % alpaca), colourway 4400

Rowan Cocoon (80 % merino/20 % kid mohair), colourway Bilberry

Ullcentrum 1-ply (100 % wool), blue colour

Ullcentrum 1-ply (100 % wool), black colour

I love it all, and I especially look forward to knitting with the Rowan yarn. It is just so incredibly soft!

And yesterday I forgot to tell you about a very spontaneous book find I made when I was at my parents'. I've owned the Vogue book of Knitting for quite a while (this book more or less taught me how to knit), and I've been wanting a similar book on crochet for a while too. My friend Anna owns one that's from the 70's or so, which is very extensive with lots of stitch dictionary going on, but that one is out of print. And I haven't found one that was equally extensive when I've looked. So I was very surprised when I found this book, at the supermarket of all places:

It's the Swedish translation of 300 Crochet Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets, by Jane Eton. I hadn't seen this one before, not to mention it's in Swedish too, and it's really great! Lots of stitch explanations, and great pictures too. So now I have no excuse for not learning crochet any more!

I noticed yesterday that I have yet to finish one single shawl in March! I've really been slacking off lately, but I have to admit that it's mostly due to the fact that I've been too queasy and dizzy to do any real knitting for the past few weeks. But now I'm feeling a little bit better (knock on wood), so I'm knitting furiously on the Percy shawl. I started the edging last night, so hopefully I can finish it tonight or tomorrow. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, please (except maybe me, as that would make it quite hard to actually knit...)! Pictures will come next time!

/ Jenny

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goldenbird said...

Glad you're feeling better and have the energy to return to your knitting. Looking forward to seeing the Percy shawl.