Friday, March 05, 2010

Find of the week

I went to the book stores today with my sister again, as she wanted to buy some more that she had skipped the last time. And I made the find of the week, as a packet of scrap-booking/crafts pearls was on sale too, along with all the books! It cost me less than $5, and it contains 12 packs of brightly coloured beads in 12 different colours, as well as a small bag with 25 wooden beads (they're in the middle of the photo).

All the beads are plastic, but I used the same brand on my huge, purple shawl, and they've held up very nicely so far. I think it's about 300 beads of every colour, but that is more than enough to for example bead a lace edging on a shawl. I'm just so happy with them!

Other than that, I also got the KnitPick's yarn from Germany today, talk about a fast delivery! This is what it contained:

Four skeins of Stroll, in colourway Saphire Heather

One skein of Alpaca Cloud, in colourway Cappucino

One skein of Alpaca Cloud, in colourway Autumn

Three skeins of Alpaca Cloud, in colourway Cha Cha

The first three kinds was the same as the ones I got from the States, I just wanted the extra skeins to make sure my planned projects would work. And the Cha Cha was the same as Anna ordered, and I fell in love with. Now I have it too! But now I guess I won't buy myself any more yarn until I get myself a new job, as I can't really afford it until then. My only exception will be if I run out of yarn in the middle of a project, but otherwise I'll try to contain myself at least until the Sewing festival in September. We'll se how well I do, but wish me luck on my yarn diet!

On the knitting front, I cast on for the second Cat mitten last night, and I've almost finished the cuff. I actually think I can finish them this weekend. And the Percy shawl is growing too, I'm almost done with the second repeat of chart B, and I think I'll do at least one more before the edging. It is turning out beautiful, and I really want to wear it soon!

/ Jenny


goldenbird said...

Those beads are a great find! I'm always amazed at how fast you knit. You seem to get projects done so fast. Your yarn is so pretty, I love all of the colors (especially Cha Cha).

Kate said...

I love the cloud autumn yarn! It's beautiful! You must have a huge stash by now! I'm sure it's lovely!

Allison said...

You have great taste in yarn. I'd love to have your stash!

Nalamienea said...

LOL You could knit for 4 years on the yarn you have right now, and you hope you'll last until September? hehe You crack me up!

Does this mean that we won't be doing any more knit picks orders? *sniff!* ;)

Mary LeMaster said...

Love the Cha Cha!! Beautiful. And what a great find with the beads. Csnt wait to see more progress on the Shawl