Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lunch update again

I'm having a really slow day at work, which is odd as I have tons of stuff to do. I guess that's why: I don't really know what to start with... So I blog instead :) I'm actually on my lunch break right now anyway, so I think it's ok.

I guess you can see that I've changed the blog a bit. I just got tired of all the clutter in the old background, but I still really don't like the backgrounds that Blogger offers. So I found this one on Hot Bliggity Blogs, and I think it will stay for a while at least. Now I just need to do something about that boring banner. Or should I say, lack of banner. I still feel that the right column is a bit too cluttered, but I don't want to remove anything either. Some of the stuff are already on separate pages, so you get there when you click on anything in the column. But when I added the "pages" app at the top of the blog, it looked even more cluttered! Maybe I should remove all the pictures in the sidebar, and just have a text link? What do you think?

Onwards to the knitting (as this is still a knitting blog): My new needles (why yes, I did take the opportunity to order some more sizes as I was ordering the replacement 2 mm circular, thank you for asking!) arrived yesterday! Yay! So now I've finished onw and a half repeats of chart B on the Percy shawl. Of course I haven't got any progress photos! But I think I'll make at least three repeats of chart B before moving on to the edging, so there is still plenty of time to take progress photos. It is looking really good though, and I will definitely love wearing it. I think I've used about half the skein now, so somewhere around 400 m (what is that, somewhere aroung 425 yards?). I really wanted to use up the whole skein, but I think the shawl will just be too big then. Depending on how much it grows during blocking, of course, but as I don't make swatches (and even if I did, I don't block them), I never know this in advance :)

I also finished one of the Cat mittens yesterday night, and this one I have a photo of! Let me just point out that it isn't bloked yet - I like to block the two mittens at the same time, to get them to look similar. And I have no idea how I'm holding my hand, but it was a bit difficult to get a good shot of it with my left hand!

I love the mitten, isn't the fish-bone pattern on the thumb just adorable! Not to mention the paw print! And I love this yarn,  it is just soft enough to be really comfortable, and colourwork with it is just amazing. I think I learned a lot when I made the Moose mittens for my grandfather for Christmas, so these are looking so much better :) Maybe I should hope that the snow stays a while longer, so I get to wear them some this year? I plan on finishing the second one this weekend.

And last time I wrote, I got a comment from Margot about a french site that also sells KnitPick's yarns. And they have Palette! They didn't have all the colours that are available from the States, but they had some of them. And if I get to the point where I need one more skein to finish a project, this will be a very good emergency site. The site is called Tricotin. I used Google Translate (for the first time!) as I don't read french, and it worked like a charm!

Finally, I wanted to ask you guys something else: Where can you find circular needles smaller than 2 mm (I think 2 mm is Us 0)? I'm planning on knitting a stole in very fine, cobweb yarn, and I thin I might need smaller needles. But I don't think I've seen them anywhere, although I have to admit I haven't really looked yet either. But maybe some of you might know a good store or website?

Ok, now I'm going to actually eat something for lunch too. I'll see you this weekend!

/ Jenny


Leander Mutsaers said...

The two main needle manufacturers are Addi and Knitpro (?) i think none of them go under 2mm in circulars as the binding between the needle and the "wire" need some space. And why would you torture yourself with something under 2mm anyways. 2mm should be fine for cobweb too or even something as huge as 5mm would work wiht cobweb to get a nice open feel to the work.

Love the kitten ones, i havent ventured into two color knitting, is it hard? My kids would love those mittens most likely as we are really catpeople, we have 5 atm and looking for an addition :)

Kate said...

I love your mitten! That pattern is just wonderful!

Your blog is looking great too! Why don't you just play around with the stuff in the sidebar until you find something that you like? I'm not sure if it was annoying to everyone else, but when I was redoing my blog it helped to just do it and see what it looked like. Just make sure to backup the template if you're doing html tinkering. I've learned the hard way!

Jenn said...

The paw print on those mittens is just too much. My girls would love mittens with paw prints...maybe I'll have to consider trying some color work :)

Jane said...

Fantastic mittens! I would love to try some like this sometime.

I'm not sure about the needles. Patternworks seems to have a large selection.

Allison said...

Your mitten is amazing. I love the detail and humour of the design.

I'm never happy with my blog. I find that trying to keep the main colors limited to three that you pull from your background helps to make it feel unified.

goldenbird said...

Your cat mitten looks so good. Love the fish bones. I would like to knit a pair but haven't had much success knitting in the round on DPNs and have not done stranded knitting. Some day I will when I'm ready for a new challenge.

Not sure about the needles. The smallest I've seen is US 0.