Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I hate being sick!

Well, it turns out that Thomas didn't have strep throat after all, it was just a really bad cold. And now I have it too! I had to stay at home from work today as I'm running a fever too, and this morning I actually coughed until I cried. No fun at all!

But enough whining! I also got my two last birthday presents (I think) in the mail today. Boy, do I love to get yarn in the mail! I ordered these myself, for the last of the birthday money I got from my grandmother. I got one package from Chopped Tomatoes, with three beauiful skeins of Heavenly Infusion yarn (85 % wool/15 % cashmere) in colourway Thicket:

And one skein of the same yarn in colourway Forever young.

I already had one skein of Forever Young in my stash, but I love the colour so much I had to order one more skein so it will last for a big shawl. I wish I could afford to buy all the colourways available for this yarn, as I love them all, and the yarn is just so incredibly soft!

I also got a cheaper package from Garnkorgen, that held five skeins of yarn and a magazine for me:

Two skeins of Kampes one-ply wool yarn, in a green colour

One skein of Kampes one-ply wool yarn in pink

Two skeins of Kauni fingering weight yarn (100 % wool) in a lovely lilac colour

The pink Kampes I also had a half skein of before, it is the yarn I used for the shawl I made for Thomas' grandmother, and I just adore this colour. I want to use it for something for myself too! 

The magazine I bought is the spring/summer issue of Debbie Bliss magazine:

I bought it almost solely for the pattern for the Tunic Dress, and I have to say that the rest of the magazine is not much to my taste. Most of the patterns are sort of oversized, or pretty out-dated (at least in my opinion), so I think I might give it away once I've knitted the tunic (which probably won't be in the near future if I know myself), but that's ok.

Tunic dress, photo borrowed from Ravelry

I think that I will try REALLY hard to not buy any more yarn for a while now! I actually got a subscription to a yarn club at Nyansera this summer, the first shipment is due at the beginning of June so probably in a few days, but other than that I think I'll try to use up at least 10 skeins of my stash before I buy anything new again. Oh, wait. Chili Gredelin (her store is currently down, so I can't link it until it's re-activated) is probably starting up her store for the summer again... Maybe that will have to be the one exception!

Yesterday Thomas and a building conservation guy from his work went out to have a look at the cabin, and the building guy said that there weren't anything wrong with it, and we should really buy it. So now we're waiting for the bank to tell us that we can borrow the money! Yay! Thomas also took some more photos, so here's some more cottage pr0n for you:

Outside artsy sunset photo


Kitchen, with a wood stove

I really hope that the bank gets back to us soon, and with a positive decision. Otherwise we'll be really crushed!

/ Jenny


Kate said...

You're killing me with the cabin photos! That place is amazing- I really hope you can buy it!

The Knitwit Knitter said...

Hope you feel better soon!! Love the first pink colour yarn!!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

feel better, darlin'! Gorgeous yarn, as always. ;)

Virginia said...

Ooh, feel better!

The cottage is amazing. I adore it. :)