Sunday, June 06, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

I just recieved a Beutiful Blogger Award from Kate, over at Lazy Kate Creates! It's almost silly how happy I become when I get this kind of positive feed-back on the blog. Thank you so much, Kate!

Part of recieving this award is to tell you readers ten things about me that you don't know. So here they are: 10 new facts about me!

1) I've always been a bit of a collector. When I was younger I collected stickers, erasors and stationary. The other day when I was looking for some coloured pencils in my drawers I actually found my old collection of stationaries, and I looked through them. I still think they're really pretty :) I guess my most recent collection is my yarn!

2) I had my very first kiss when I was 10 years old. The boy was in my class, and it was during recess. I hated it, and thought it was sloppy and slimy! Thank god a girl can change opinion, right?

3) I was always a pretty good student, and got almost top marks in all the classes in high school. Except for the cooking classes, sports and crafts! I really wish I could take the crafts classes again today, I think I would appreciate them a lot more now.

4) I just recently learned to eat asparagus. I used to be a really fussy eater, but when I got my gluten intolerance diagnosis at age 18 I had to learn to eat a lot of new stuff. But asparagus took me several more years, I think I've only eaten it for maybe three years. And now I love it. Preferably wrapped in bacon or air-dried ham :)

5) Ever since I learned to read at age 5, I've wanted to become a writer! When I was a young teenager my parents gave me an electrical typewriter for my birthday, and I wrote so many sappy teenage love stories that I've forgotten half of them. I used to kill off at least one of the main characters, and every time I sat at the typewriter just bawling my eyes out. My parents thought I was a bit weird :)

6) And speaking of bawling: I can't watch sad movies. I can't even watch sad cartoons, I'm so sappy I cry at everything! I remember when me and my mother (who is equally sappy) watched E.T for the first time, and how much we cried when E.T. got to go home. I think I was still a bit swollen around the eyes the next day!

7) I love Donald Duck! Or rather, I love Scrooge McDuck. I've subscribed to Donald Duck & C:o since I was a child, and I just stopped the subscription this year. I adore Carl Barks, the writer/cartoonist who came up with most of Duckburg and most of the fun characters. But my very favourite cartoonist is Don Rosa, who has done a lot of sequels to the stories Carl Barks wrote. Unfortunately he is now retired, and that's why I stopped subscribing.

8) I am scared of dogs. When I was about 1.5 years old, my mother was outside pulling me around in a sled. A huge dog apparently cam a nd stole my blanket, and ever since then I've been terrified of dogs. I don't remember the event itself, but it seems to have etched itself into my subconcious. I used to be so scared that if a dog came close to me, I looked around for the closest tree (or parent) to climb! I got to practice on my neighbours' dog when I was about 7-8 years old, and since then it's a little bit better. I still have a healthy (or maybe non-healthy) respect for dogs though, and I doubt that we'll ever own one.

9) I dream almost every night. And remember it. I used to write a dream journal, but it got to be too much to write as I dream so much, so I stopped. Today I only write down dreams that inspire me, whether it be for knitting, writing, or anything else.

10) If we could afford it, I would love to be a stay-at-home wife! I would love to have all day free for cleaning, knitting and possibly cooking (although I hate cooking: Thomas does about 90 % of the cooking in our house). I don't want any children, so I won't be a stay-at-home mom, but I could definitely see myself as a housewife (not a desperate one, though). Maybe if we win the lottery!

Ok, that's it. I hope you learned something you didn't know before. Now I'm going to finish up the last of the cleaning, so I have the rest of the night free for knitting (and Skyping with Sarah, I hope!)

Oh, and I'm supposed to forward the award to ten more bloggers. These are the ones I choose:

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I tried to not give it to the same blogs that Kate had awarded, but I just had to include The Student Knitter, as it is my favourite blog ever!

/ Jenny


Varkenocheller said...

Jag lärde mig lite mer om dig, det var roligt!

Tack för att du skickade vidare till mig, jag ska fundera lite på hur mycket jag vill avslöja ;)

Och förlåt för att jag kommenterar på svenska... men jag pallar inte riktigt med att skriva på engelska just nu.

Ilsefin said...

Thank you for the award!! I really liked reading the facts about you!
... and I also cry very easily when wathcing movies/TV. Even to such embarrasing shows as Extreme Home makeover :)