Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm so overwhelmed!

I hardly know where to begin! I had my mind set yesterday to celebrate midsummer's eve with Thomas, my sister and her boyfriend in our new cabin. Thomas and I went out at lunchtime to do some basic cleaning and just hang out in the good weather, and Sanna and Pontus were supposed to follow us later in the afternoon. You can imagine how surprised I was when my sister had brought 12 of my other firends from all over the country! She and Thomas had conspired to host a surprise midsommer's party to celebrate my 30th birthday! I was so overwhelmed I cried a little!

So during the afternoon we all hung out at the cabin, did some barbecue and had pickled herring (a swedish traditional midsummer's eve food) with potatoes and sourcream. Some of the guests played some volleyball, and Jonas and Anders actually made a tiny midsummer's pole.

When the evening came we all got a bit chilly, so we packed everyone and everything up in the cars and headed back to Linköping for some further partying. It was just a blast! A while ago Thomas won a collector's box of the AVP video game, and it came with a small toy facehugger from the Alien movies. This toy sort of wandered around during the evening, resulting in some pretty funny photos:

The next surprise for me came when we all had started to relax a bit here in our apartment, and Thomas put up a video on the TV screen for me. Apparently he and all of my friends and family had another surprise for me, and they had gotten Sarah from The Student Knitter to record a short video to tell me: They have all chipped in to give me a flight ticket to the States! So I'm going to visit Sarah in real life!!!! I'm so thrilled about this I can't even begin to tell you! I'm going to go on Skype later today and talk to Sarah and see if we can't come up with a date. I'm so  so happy about this, thank you to all who have chipped in!

Now I'm going to do some cleaning, as we've had seven house-guests this night. I'll see you next week for some knitting-related news :)

/ Jenny


The Knitwit Knitter said...

What wonderful friends you have!!!! Sounds like it was a perfect day for you! Happy 30th Birthday!! You must be super excited to meet Sara!!!! Please take tons of pictures when the two of you met up!

machelle said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! You absolutely deserve it, I've been looking at all your gorgeous hand knits that you blogged about lately!

Virginia said...

That is so awesome! What a wonderful birthday.

And super cool about coming to visit the States! Very exciting. :)